Intellivision Hopes To Save Their Amico Home Console With App Sales

Intellivision Amico

Intellivision, one of the original brand names in video game history, have shared that they aim to release their Amico home console using app sales to fund it. Their Amico home console features a very unique design concept, with dual handheld units that have their own dedicated screens. There is also a docking station that […]

Atari Reveals The Return Of The 2600 Console

Atari 2600+

Atari has just announced the return of their flagship 2600 home console, newly enhanced and upgraded as the Atari 2600+. The addition of the plus (+) in the title suggests that this new iteration of the 2600 comes with added functionality. So let’s take a look at this return of a classic and see what […]

8BitDo Reveals New NEOGEO Wireless Controller

8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller

8BitDo, the kings of third-party gaming controllers, has just revealed their brand new NEOGEO wireless controller. Fans of the classic SNK Advanced Entertainment System home console will be absolutely blown away by the detail of these amazing new peripherals. 8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller If you compare the new 8BitDo controller to the original NEOGEO controller, […]

Limited Edition Evercade VS Atomic Edition Revealed (Only 2000 Units)

Evercade VS Atomic Edition

The newest entry in Evercade’s VS console lineup is a brand new Atomic Edition, inspired by 80s and 90s action movies and video games. As someone who grew up in that golden era, I have to say that this bundle is looking quite “radical” and “gnarly”! For those who don’t understand the slang, that means […]

Analogue Duo Pre-order Date Finally Announced

Analogue Duo

After what seems like years of waiting, we finally have a pre-order date for Analogue’s next retro home console, the Analogue Duo. It seemed like years of waiting, because it actually was years of waiting. We first heard about the Duo back in October of 2020. But obviously – pandemics, chip shortages, delays. You know […]

Polymega Modular Consolizer Plays All Your Original Cartridges, Discs And More!


Polymega have made quite a name for themselves with their Polymega Modular Consolizer emulation suite that covers a wide range of retro gaming solutions. Their modular home console features original cartridge and disc compatible hardware. And surely the fact that their stuff is absolutely gorgeous helps their case. Before we take a look at what’s […]

Atari and MyArcade to announce new consoles at CES 2023 Event

Fans of Atari and MyArcade should be excited for the upcoming CES (Consumer Tech Association) 2023 event, because we know that they will be announcing at least three new gaming consoles for us! Atari announced their partnership with MyArcade just a few days ago on December 28, 2022. And both companies have posted mysterious console […]