Intellivision Hopes To Save Their Amico Home Console With App Sales

Intellivision Amico

Intellivision, one of the original brand names in video game history, have shared that they aim to release their Amico home console using app sales to fund it.

Their Amico home console features a very unique design concept, with dual handheld units that have their own dedicated screens. There is also a docking station that connects to your television for large screen game play.

It appears to be the Intellivision version of the Nintendo Wii U or Nintendo Switch, with some retro flare.

This new console was introduced in 2020, but has struggled to find funding for mass production. And it has led to many early backers requesting a pre-order cancellation.

But it would seem that Intellivision still has hopes to find a financier or fund the project themselves through game sales on their new Android app.

Amico Home

Intellivision Amico
Image Source: Intellivision

Amico Home is a brand new application released for Android devices that offers a software based experience from Intellivision. It is essentially what you would have on the Amico home console if it ever came to reality.

This is both a gameplay app and digital game store. You will be able to purchase from the existing library of the best Intellivision games, as well as from the small collection of new video games by the company.

Intellivision is hoping that you will purchase enough games on the free app to fund the manufacturing of their home console.

Intellivision Amico
Image Source: Intellivision

Our ability to begin manufacturing Amico consoles in volume requires securing additional investment.

The release of Amico Home puts us on a better footing to attract such investment or to eventually fund manufacturing from the proceeds of Amico Home game sales.

– Intellivision

Our Thoughts

Intellivision Amico
Image Source: Intellivision

We have seen other well known retro video game brands struggle to find relevance and support in the modern era of gaming.

And, sadly for those companies, there is just not a market for the products they have to offer the scene. Which are usually subpar quality games or retro titles that we’ve seen for literally 40+ years.

For Intellivision, the goal remains to introduce the Amico home console that can make use of the Amico Home software on a dedicated device.

But it will take a miracle or a massive amount of game sales on the Amico Home app to save this project from doom.

To see Intellivision release the firmware for their new console as a phone app is a very obvious sign of their failure.

And they are doing everything they can to stay afloat and not have to announce the inevitable news that the Amico console will not be happening.

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