8 Iconic Video Games Reimagined As Physical Consoles

retro video game console concepts

I was born in the 90’s when SEGA, Sony, and Nintendo were at each others throats, battling it out to create incredible video game consoles and characters. The competition meant that they had to innovate, and with that came unique peripherals, transparent coloured shells and a plethora of unique gaming experiences throughout the 90’s and […]

If Sony Made The Perfect Mini Handheld, The Tingting GO Would Be It

Tingting GO

Oh wow, we may have found our new favorite mini emulator; let’s all welcome the Tingting GO to the handheld scene! [warning: this article takes a sad turn very soon] As you can see from the images, this new mini handheld console is absolutely gorgeous. The design is impeccable, and they really nailed it with […]