If Sony Made The Perfect Mini Handheld, The Tingting GO Would Be It

Tingting GO

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Oh wow, we may have found our new favorite mini emulator; let’s all welcome the Tingting GO to the handheld scene!

[warning: this article takes a sad turn very soon]

As you can see from the images, this new mini handheld console is absolutely gorgeous.

The design is impeccable, and they really nailed it with every detail.

But there is a bit of a caveat here… the Tingting Go is technically just a concept project by designer Frederik Berisha.

So the chances of us seeing this one come to market are slim. But a dreamer can dream.

Let’s check out the Tingting GO concept and see why we should all be campaigning to make it a reality.

Tingting GO Details

Tingting GO
Image Source: Frederik Berisha

I am not exaggerating when I say that I love every single detail about this thing.

The matte black with glossy elements… the buttons… the proportions. All perfection. *chefs kiss*

Its 4:3 display is the ideal proportions for retro consoles like Game Boy, Super Nintendo and pretty much anything else from the 8-32 bit eras.

And even though the Tingting Go’s button configuration would suggest that those console eras would be the target, this thing is packing some surprising power in that small form factor.

The Tingting GO proposes a Unisoc T618 processor with 2GB of RAM. That’s the same CPU as the Retroid Pocket 3+ and Anbernic RG505.

The T618 would be overkill for a handheld that did not have analogue sticks, but clearly Frederik Berisha has some knowledge of current handhelds and tech.

Seems like he wanted to present a concept for something ultra premium in every way.

If we were to get a vertical handheld that looked like this and had a T618 in it, I would absolutely not be mad at that.

Tingting GO
Image Source: Frederik Berisha

If I had to critique anything about this concept, it would be the dpad. These kinds of 4 button dpads are not great for retro gaming. So a real device for sure should switch to a single dpad.

But obviously, Frederik Berisha created a really imaginative concept for what would be a near perfect handheld.

And if this console came to market anytime in 2023, it would absolutely decimate the competition.


A talented graphic designer with a knowledge of the handheld scene makes for a really awesome concept artist for future devices.

Obviously, all of our favorite handheld makers have a designer of some kind within the company who helps bring concepts to reality.

But you can’t beat an artist coming up with their dream device for the love of handhelds.

We all need to support these kinds of artists.

And you know who else needs to support them? Companies like Anbernic, Powkiddy, Miyoo!

They need to reach out to this guy and buy his design. Pretty please.

I’d happily throw $200+ at something like this in a heartbeat.

Praying to the handheld gods.

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