CRKD Neo S Controller Review – Style Over Substance

CRKD, the team behind last year’s excellent Nitro Deck grip for the Nintendo Switch, have entered the controller market with a fashionable new pad, the NEO S. We often overlook our controllers, the literal connection between player and the world inside of the TV screen. A good controller should bridge that gap seamlessly, allowing players […]

Retro Fighters Hunter Review – A Modern Day OG XBOX Controller

retro fighters hunter controller

8.8 My New Favourite XBOX Controller Controller Design9 Comfortability9 Connectivity8 Battery Life8 Pricing10 A well designed controller that introduces retro nods from the classic controller and matches it with modern technology, good battery life and a very competitive price tag. It’s Retro Fighters best controller yet. Exclusive Discount: Use code “RETRODODO” for 10% off at […]

Sugar Cubes X Jelly Handheld Controller Looks Pretty Sweet

Sugar Cubes X Jelly Handheld Controller

The brand new “Jelly” handheld controller from Sugar Cubes is just one of many exciting projects that this emerging team has coming in 2024. I am in direct contact with the people at Sugar Cubes. So I have a bit of inside knowledge about several projects in development like the incredible Small Universe project. But […]

New PDP REALMz Controllers Feature Collectible Toys Inside

pdp realmz controllers

One of the leading third-party gaming peripheral manufacturers, PDP, has announced the PDP REALMz controller line, featuring iconic characters we all know and love. Everyone enjoys adding a new peripheral or two to their collection, either to use or to simply show off as a display piece. With a PDP REALMz controller, you get the […]

8BitDo Reveals New PS1/PS2 Retro Receivers For Modern Controllers

8BitDo Retro Receiver

8BitDo has just announced the brand new Retro Receiver, which allows you to use your favorite current generation controllers on the Playstation 1 and Playstation 2. It is now possible to connect nearly any wireless or wired controller to a PS1 or PS2 thanks to this tiny simple device. Surely you’d agree that it’s never […]

8BitDo Reveals New NEOGEO Wireless Controller

8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller

8BitDo, the kings of third-party gaming controllers, has just revealed their brand new NEOGEO wireless controller. Fans of the classic SNK Advanced Entertainment System home console will be absolutely blown away by the detail of these amazing new peripherals. 8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller If you compare the new 8BitDo controller to the original NEOGEO controller, […]

Grid Studio Releases A New Framed Super Famicom Controller Edition

Grid Studio Super Famicom

Grid Studio has just announced a brand new product to their line of framed technology, this time the beautiful Super Famicom controller. Retro Fans will surely agree that this is one of the most beautiful and perfect pieces of gaming hardware ever created. I have hundreds of hours logged on the SNES controller playing some […]

The World’s Smallest Working Video Game Controller

NES Controller PicoPad

This NES controller built by Redherring32 is very possibly the world’s smallest working video game controller ever made. At least, that is what they are claiming. And it would be hard to imagine making one any smaller! Redherring32 is a hardware modification wizard responsible for a bunch of really amazing advances in the retro modding […]

Nintendo Cannot Be Held Accountable For Joycon Drift, It’s Your Problem Now

Nintendo Joycons

If you’ve ever experienced the infamous joycon drift on your Nintendo Switch, then surely you’ve wanted to take some kind of action against Nintendo. But according to a recent court ruling, Nintendo cannot be liable for joycon drift. Yes, somebody did actually try to sue Nintendo for joycon drift. But in a late November decision […]