8BitDo Reveals New PS1/PS2 Retro Receivers For Modern Controllers

8BitDo Retro Receiver

8BitDo has just announced the brand new Retro Receiver, which allows you to use your favorite current generation controllers on the Playstation 1 and Playstation 2.

It is now possible to connect nearly any wireless or wired controller to a PS1 or PS2 thanks to this tiny simple device.

Surely you’d agree that it’s never been a better time to be a gamer!

8BitDo Retro Receiver

8BitDo Retro Receiver
Image Source: 8BitDo

The 8BitDo Retro Receiver is an incredible new piece of tech that allows you to use almost any current generation wireless or wired controller on the first two Playstation consoles.

And it does look like it will be as straight forward and simple as that; plug the Retro Receiver in to the front of any PS1 or PS2, grab your favorite controller, and start playing.

8BitDo is advertising this as a truly plug-and-play experience, which means there should be no setup with any of the compatible controllers.

8BitDo Retro Receiver
Image Source: 8BitDo

The Retro Receiver accepts both wireless bluetooth connections as well as wired connections via the usb-c plug at the front of the unit.

The current compatibility list includes the DualShock 4, DualSense, DualSense Edge, Xbox One, Series, Elite Series 2, Elite Series 2 – Core, Adaptive, Wii U Pro and Switch Pro Controllers.

As well as a ton of the 8BitDo controllers, such as the Ultimate Bluetooth, Pro 2, SN30 Pro+, SN30 Pro, SN30 Pro for Android, Lite 2, Lite SE, and Lite Controllers; Arcade Stick v3; PS1 Modkit and PS1 Classic Modkit.


8BitDo Retro Receiver
Image Source: 8BitDo

The first two Playstation consoles are home to some of the absolute best video games of all time.

Knowing that it is possible to play the best PS1 games and the best PS2 games using nearly any controller is a thing of dreams.

We are truly living in the best of times in video games. Sure, there were several “golden eras” of gaming, which would depend on who you ask.

But with the incredible technology being released on a regular basis, it is hard to say that 2023 is not the obvious winner.

And it is companies like 8BitDo bringing us some of the most unique and convenient tech to add to our collections.

This is great timing as we stated in our 8BitDo N64 Mod Kit that it needs a receiver to be perfect, it looks like they’re listening!

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