KUN Handheld Will Be AYANEO’s New 8″-10″ Flagship Windows Console


AYANEO has been delivering premium handhelds at an impressive rate, and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Their latest teased device sounds to be their most ambitious handheld yet: the AYANEO KUN. AYANEO held a live Youtube stream on Jan 18th sharing news of the Air Plus and Pocket Air. During […]

AYANEO Plans To Enter The Android Market With Pocket Air

AYANEO Pocket Air

It would seem that AYANEO are not quite satisfied being one of the best manufacturers of handheld PCs… they now plan to enter the Android game console market with the AYANEO Pocket Air. AYANEO’s “2023 Annual Strategy Sharing” presentation covered their upcoming Air Plus in great detail, and touched on the Slide a bit (certainly […]

AYANEO Reveals The New Air Plus


AYANEO goes live during the Chinese New Year to give their followers an in depth look at one of their upcoming devices: The AYANEO Air Plus. The Air Plus is AYANEO’s new six inch Windows gaming device that boasts a “larger screen, longer battery life, more stunning sound effects, and more choices”. Let’s break down […]

AYANeo Flip Is A Clamshell Windows Handheld Launching In “Q4 This Year”

aya neo flip

After reviewing handhelds for many years, I have only come across a small number of clamshell handhelds that aren’t owned by Nintendo. One being the Powkiddy X18S, the Powkiddy V90, the NVIDIA Shield and so on. So when I heard the news that AYANEO could be launching a clamshell handheld, I was over the moon, […]

10 Best Steam Deck Alternatives of 2024

steam deck alternatives

If you’re a fan of the Steam Deck but have a few gripes about the console that you just can’t look past, then I have a few recommendations for you. If there’s one handheld console that’s made big waves in recent years, it’s the Steam Deck. And, while you can buy one quite easily now, […]

AYA Neo Air Could Be The Smaller Steam Deck Rival We All Need

aya neo air

AYA have revealed their upcoming AYA Neo Air handheld that’s the same size as a Nintendo Switch but packs enough power to compete with the oh so popular Steam Deck. Could it become one of the best handheld gaming PCs of the year? Maybe, but will the portable nature and small size of the handheld […]