AYANEO Reveals The New Air Plus


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AYANEO goes live during the Chinese New Year to give their followers an in depth look at one of their upcoming devices: The AYANEO Air Plus.

The Air Plus is AYANEO’s new six inch Windows gaming device that boasts a “larger screen, longer battery life, more stunning sound effects, and more choices”.

Let’s break down everything that was covered in this AYANEO “2023 Annual Strategy Sharing” presentation.

AYANEO Air Plus Presentation

Image Source: AYANEO

The presentation was of high quality. Great lighting, great camera work, onscreen images.

But with AYANEO being a Chinese company… it was entirely in Chinese. So I had my Google Translate App running overtime.

The onscreen images were the most revealing about stats for the new device.

I was also refreshing their Twitter account to see if they would drop images and stats during the stream. They did post to Twitter at the end of the Air Plus section of the presentation.

Though the new Air Plus has a screen a tiny bit larger than some of the previous AYANEO devices, they really wanted to emphasize that the entire console was smaller than some of the competition.

We watched in agony as the presenter fumble around with the new Air Plus, holding it up next to a Steam deck, Switch and other AYANEO devices for what felt like 20 minutes. And dropping several devices repeatedly onto his wood table. Haha.

Despite those fumbles, the presenter did a good job at exposing us to the device at all angles. I just wish I knew what he was saying. Auto-captions will likely load in after they finish the stream.

AYANEO ran two very well produced commercials for the Air Plus throughout the presentation. These commercials were on par with a Nintendo Switch commercial. Super high quality.

Language differences aside, I feel like I got a pretty good idea of what AYANEO was offering with the new Air Plus.

It’s a device very similar to the AYANEO Air, just with a few tweaks.

And a few internal configuration options depending on the level of power you’re trying to get out of the Air Plus.

AYANEO Air Plus Specifications

Image Source: AYANEO

The Air Plus will be coming in three models:

The Intel i3 1215U, an AMD Mendocino, and the model they really want you to focus on… the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U.

AYANEO showed off two colorways for the Air Plus; a “Starlight Black” and “Glacier Blue”. The Glacier Blue model was the one shown most in the presentation, and it appears to be a white.. but it’s safe to guess it’s actually a very very light blue.

They also revealed a retro gaming themed model that was a grey color with multi-colored ABXY buttons like we’ve seen in many gaming devices.

They clarify on their Twitter that the retro model is only for the AMD 6800U CPU iteration.

The stats given for all of the new Air Plus models are the following:

  • RAM: 8gb
  • Screen: 6 inch 1080p IPS
  • Hall Analogue Sticks (with RGB lighting) and Triggers
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • TF Card Slot
  • USB-C
  • 28W Active Cooling
  • 46.2W Battery


The AYANEO Air Plus is a gorgeous device. I wouldn’t say it is drastically different than previous AYANEO gaming devices we already have. But it is certainly the prettiest.

For anybody who does not already own an AYANEO Air, this would be a great place to jump into the growing Handheld Gaming PC market.

Admittedly, I’m not the most knowledgeable on PC hardware, so the exact specs don’t really resonate with me as something vastly different than what we have already seen from AYANEO or as something that will give a dramatic improvement in what those could already do.

And something that is now quite familiar in the handheld PC market: the availability of several internal configurations to give you the choice of how much power you think you need.

Overall impressions: We like it! Looks awesome. Stats sound great. And we loved the presentation.

My man dropped that Air Plus about 100 times, and it didn’t break. So we know it’s durable!

It is important to highlight that this was a Chinese company putting in some work during the Chinese New Year Holiday.

Most Chinese companies entirely shut down shop for most of January.

So it’s good to see that AYANEO values exposure and progress more than a holiday.

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