Emulation Station Is Now Available On Android

Emulation Station is now available on Android, allowing retro gamers to play their collections on more devices than ever before. The news was revealed earlier today in the Emulation Station Discord by Leon Styhre, the developer behind Emulation Station. Styhre wrote on Discord; “I’m very happy to announce that after months of hard work ES-DE […]

Latest AYN Odin2 Release Date, Specs, And Pricing Information

AYN Odin2

AYN has done their absolute best to keep handheld fans at the edge of their seat waiting for the details relative to the Odin2 release date. But the day has finally come, no more mysteries. We now know all of the info about specs, release date, and pricing we’ve been waiting for. So let’s take […]

AYN Odin2 Finally Reveals Ultra Powerful Chipset

Ayn Odin2

After a few weeks of waiting and a slow trickle of information, AYN has finally revealed the chipset to be used in their upcoming Odin2 handheld. So what was the chipset that they finally settled on? The ultra powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Obviously this news has social media on fire today; some of that […]