Jeff Minter’s Akka Arrh Comes To PSVR2 Next Month

Legendary game developer Jeff Minter is bringing psychedelic shooter Akka Arrh to PSVR2 next month in collaboration with Atari. The latest version of the acclaimed arcade-style shooter will launch on PlayStation’s latest virtual reality headset on the 8th March 2024. Retro Dodo received a press release this morning detailing what to expect from the VR […]

Akka Arrh Mini Arcade Cabinets Dropping As Part Of Special Edition Release

If you’re a regular Retro Dodo reader, then you’ll know all about the exciting new partnership between Numskull Games and Atari. Now, as part of their Akka Arrh Special Edition release, gamers are about to get their hands on some exciting Akka Arrh Mini Arcade cabinets! Numskull Games are continuously releasing exciting content for the […]