Jeff Minter’s Akka Arrh Comes To PSVR2 Next Month

Legendary game developer Jeff Minter is bringing psychedelic shooter Akka Arrh to PSVR2 next month in collaboration with Atari.

The latest version of the acclaimed arcade-style shooter will launch on PlayStation’s latest virtual reality headset on the 8th March 2024.

Retro Dodo received a press release this morning detailing what to expect from the VR incarnation of Akka Arrh.

“Enjoy Minter’s unique brand of retro-inspired bliss the way the gaming gods intended – in virtual reality!” The press release promises that gamers will “become fully engulfed in frenzied kaleidoscopic action and pure arcade bliss”.

image credit: sony

Every one of Jeff Minter’s 50 unique level designs will make the transition to PSVR2 in Akka Arrh, ensuring there’s plenty of content available at launch.

Virtual reality is the seemingly perfect platform for Akka Arrh, Jeff Minter, his rapturous visual designs and extravagant sonic soundscapes.

If the though of experiencing all of that “kaleidoscopic action” in PSVR makes you feel a bit queasy, there’s an optional accessibility friendly mode that disables the more intense.

We dove into the history of the Akka Arrh last year and explored how the title seemingly lost to time resurfaced Atari brought it back for new audiences to enjoy.

Llama Legacy

Akka Arrh PSVR2
image credit: atari

Akka Arrh returned to modern platforms last year when Numbskull Games teamed up with Atari and Jeff Minter for a physical release that included papercraft replicas of the Akka Arrh arcade cabinets.

A release date for another collection celebrating the work of Jeff Minter remains unannounced.

Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story was revealed at last year’s Day of the Devs showcase and features 42 games from the Akka Arrh developer.

Jeff Minter Akka Arrh PSVR2
image credit: atari

The compilation features classic retro titles including Centipede, Revenge Of The Mutant Camels and Metagalactic Llamas Battle At The Edge Of Time.

Players looking to jump into Akka Arrh on tradition flatscreens can pick up the game on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch right now.

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