10 Best Pokemon Yellow Cheats for GameShark

It’s time to dust off your Game Boy Color and get that cheat cartridge plugged into it – as we check out the best Pokemon Yellow cheats for GameShark! What Is Pokemon Yellow? Back in the 90s, the very first Pokemon games – Red and Blue – featured Pikachu, but the electric mouse was hardly […]

12 Best Capcom Games of All Time

best capcom games

Time to practice those hadoukens and even get some monster hunting done – as we check out the best Capcom games of all time! We recently put the call out on Twitter to find out what everyone’s favourite Capcom game was. Unsurprisingly – considering Capcom’s long history of excellent games – there was quite an […]

What Games Can You Play on a Dreamcast VMU?

dreamcast vmu games

It’s time to party like it’s 1999, as we check out Dreamcast VMU games! Sega’s 128-bit Dreamcast was a console way ahead of its time, with numerous forward-thinking features – including online connectivity built-in – and a range of peripherals that gave it real versatility as a gaming device; these included a full keyboard, microphone […]

All SNES Manuals Now Freely Available Online Thanks To One Retro Gamer

SNES Manuals

The SNES was home to some of the very best manuals of all time – not to mention some of the best games of all time (check out our list of the best selling SNES games here!) – and seeing these wonderful booklets now creates a real sense of nostalgia, as well as some sadness […]

10 Best 90s Arcade Games of the Century

best 90s arcade games

Grab a roll of coins and get ready to insert plenty of credits as we check out the best 90s arcade games! Though the golden age of arcade gaming – kickstarted by games such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man (for more on the still-popular, hungry yellow hero, check out our best Pac-Man games list!) had […]

Ranking The Best Turok Games Ever Developed

Best Turok Games

It’s time to head into the jungle and find out which dinosaur hunting games should be resurrected and which should remain extinct. Though Turok has been around since the 1950s – when he first appeared in comic books by Western Publishing/Dell Comics – it was the 1997 Nintendo 64 first person shooter that brought the […]

The Best Theme Park Games For Virtual Thrillseekers

Remember to keep your arms and legs inside the car as we throw you around the rollercoasters in the best theme park games of all time! There’ve been plenty of titles based around theme park management in the last few decades – but which are the best? We’ve paid the ticket price, bought the t-shirt […]

Evercade EXP Review – A Superb Cartridge Based Handheld

evercade exp

The original Evercade was created in 2020, and relaunched the hype for cartridge based handhelds, allowing those that miss reading manuals, trading games with friends and blowing cartridges a chance to fall in love with a new product. New handheld emulators are launched almost every week, but handhelds like this come less often than I […]

Remote Life: Retro Shoot ‘Em Up Coming to Consoles on May 27th

Prolific indie publisher Ratalaika Games – also responsible for the recently released action adventure Dandy & Randy DX (check out our Dandy & Randy DX review!) – have announced today that they’ll be taking care of publishing duties for the retro shoot ‘em up Remote Life, which will be released on May 27th 2022.  Incredibly, […]

Dandy & Randy DX Review – A Enjoyable 16-Bit Zelda-Like Adventure

dandy randy dx

A colourful, enjoyable throwback to 16-bit action adventure games, Dandy & Randy DX (which was announced this week – see our ‘Dandy and Randy DX release‘ news article for more details) takes players on an adventure across several distinct areas of a mysterious island. A Treasure Hunt On The Sunrise Islands The titular characters have […]