Super Mario Kart Fan-Made Expansion Gives Us Brand New Levels To Play 32 Years Later

Super Mario Kart Horizons gameplay

Ah, the ROM Hacking world; it’s a place that never ceases to amaze me, a place where creativity is endless and dedicated fans can keep our favourite games from yesteryear alive. I came back from a weekend away to find multiple mentions of a fan-made expansion to the Kart Racing game that started it all, one of my favorite SNES games and all-time classic, Super Mario Kart, and it looks absolutely incredible.

Welcome to Super Mario Kart: Horizons, a ROM hack from gridattack shared on X by both @kandowontu and Time Extension this morning and available exclusively on! This hack has been in the works for a whopping 10 years, so it’s certainly not something that has been thrown together to capitalise on the recent excitement around iPhone emulators.

The new courses look spectacular, with over 20 new areas to race through and 4 new battle arenas. The graphics have been updated, and so has Rainbow Road too, giving us a fresh new hell to try and compete with! There’s also unlockable content too; this is seriously well-thought-out expansion and one that we Mazza Kart fans should all be checking out!

Get this too; there’s a whole new soundtrack for the game too! It always impresses me when devs get creative with music as well as gameplay too, a little throwback to my Music Technology/Production degree. And here’s the factor that will really seal the deal – if you have a flash cart, then you can play this on actual SNES hardware too!

So there you have it, a ten-year update finally bringing new content after 32 years! Let us know your thoughts about the ROM hack over on our socials, and happy gaming!

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