Super Mario Ice Cream Collaboration Makes Nintendo Even Cooler

super mario baskin robbins commercial

There are some titles that I write for Retro Dodo that make me chuckle a lot because I get to whip out the Dad jokes, and this is definitely one of them. Nintendo has whipped out, or rather ‘whipped up’ something else that has made me pretty excited this morning too as I discovered their Super Mario Ice Cream collaboration with Baskin Robbins.

Listen, running a successful plumbing company and being the saviours of the Mushroom Kingdom is hot work, and it’s about time Mario and Luigi got some freebies in the form of endorsed goods to cool down with. Plus Peach must have tonnes of little burns from being captured by Bowser all the time, so these should help to take the heat off a little bit and allow everyone to cool down.

Some of these flavours sound amazing too; who wouldn’t want to tuck into a 3D Luigi’s Mansion Ice Cream Cake or a Super Mushroom Coke Float? The Super Mario boxes and single serves held in Warp Pipe containers also look amazing. It’s 10 am as I write this; is that too early to be thinking about eating frozen goods?

Let’s A Go! (Spend All Our Money On Ice Cream)

For those of you not into sweet treats or who simply eat Cornettos 24/7, Baskin Robbins is a popular ice-cream parlour chain. We have one not too far away from where I live in the UK, but unfortunately (there’s always an unfortunately in these food articles), the collaboration discovered by Read Write will only be happening in Japan for now. The collab between the Mushroom Kingdom and Ice Cream giants will run until the end of July, but if it’s successful, then it might come over to the USA and Europe.

This collaboration simply makes sense. I mean, Mario Kart often makes me so hungry for sweet treats while racing through Sweet Sweet Canyon and Sky High Sunday, and let’s not forget Cocoa Meltdown in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. I think someone has a serious sweet tooth at Nintendo, and that someone was the one pushing for this collaboration. Well, all I can say to that person is congratulations, today is the start of the best month of your life!

The Nintendo Cereal System had cool boxes and was a cool product for hungry kids before school, but this Baskin Robbins ice cream selection will undoubtedly be all that kids can think about this Summer. If anyone’s going to Japan and has the means to bring some back nice and frozen for me, then you know how to contact me!

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