Super Mario Galaxy Looks Incredible In Unreal Engine

Super Mario Galaxy in Unreal Engine

How many of you think back to your favourite games and remember the graphics being the best thing since sliced bread, only to revisit them after playing games like Ghost of Tsushima and having your heart broken when you discover you’ve been gaslighting yourself all of this time? Take Super Mario Galaxy, for instance. When I first slotted this game into the Wii I couldn’t believe how amazing it looked, but that was back in 2007, and things have changed a lot since then!

One gamer has worked to create the image of Super Mario Galaxy that I’ve always had in my head and made it come true, however. Using Unreal Engine 5, creator Proj Prod has lovingly recreated Mario and a planet based on everyone’s favourite clog-wearing dinosaur Yoshi from scratch, and it looks amazing!

Unreal Footage That’s Out Of This World

In his YouTube description for this video, Proj Prod writes ‘We all agree that we terribly miss this game, right? In the meantime, how about doing a little remake in Unreal Engine 5? We used the “Custom Gravity” from version 5.4 for this little project again, and it’s amazing what we can do with it!’

First shared by the team over at Gaming Bible, this amazing piece of engineering shows a Mario game that we all deserve to play but will probably never see. We’ve already had an HD version of Super Mario Galaxy dropping on the Switch, so I think it’s unlikely that Nintendo will remaster this game for the Nintendo Switch 2, even with its improved RAM and supposed 4 Teraflops.

Even though a playable version of Super Mario Galaxy in Unreal Engine will probably never come to light, I still love watching fan-made videos like this. It’s the kind of dopamine hit that every Nintendo fan needs to get them excited about old games in their collection again. Heck, do you know how many times I watched early videos of the Ocarina of Time Unreal Engine remake progress before the playable demo came out? I think my views alone account for 90% of all the YouTube plays!

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