Super Mario Bros. Wonder Trading Cards Revealed With Pre-Orders

Super Mario Bros. Wonder + Exclusive Trading Card Pack

In exciting gaming and card news, Walmart has just announced a special edition of Super Mario Bros Wonder that comes with an exclusive trading card pack.

Needless to say, we were immediately perked up and ready to pre-order!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is perhaps one of the most exciting releases in the Mario universe in quite a long time.

Pretty much any Mario title is going to be a ton of fun and worth the purchase. But it is also no real stretch to say that Nintendo repeats itself a bit in that franchise.

So when they released the game play footage for the new 2D Super Mario Bros. Wonder, we were quite awestruck.

Yes, it still looks quite familiar if you’ve played a recent 2D Mario game. But they introduced so many new game play elements. And the graphics & animation look absolutely phenomenal.

To say that we’re dying to play it is an understatement.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder + Exclusive Trading Card Pack

Super Mario Bros Wonder Trading Card Pack
Image Source: Walmart

We created a guide for Where To Pre-Order Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which included links to Walmart.

But at the time of publishing, Walmart had not yet announced what is probably the coolest collector’s edition for Wonder.

The exclusive pre-order edition from Walmart will include a free Super Mario Bros Wonder Trading Card Pack featuring awesome illustrations of characters from the new game.

Each pack comes with ten randomly pulled cards from a possible set of 20.

There are 15 base cards, 4 holofoil cards, and a super limited Elephant Mario card that is numbered 1 to 1000!

So it kind of goes without saying that we’d love to pull that Elephant card!

This particular news was exciting for our sister site as well. But with Mario Wonder being a retro adjacent gaming title, we had to inform our Retro Dodo readers ASAP!

Purchasing Information

Super Mario Bros Wonder Trading Card Pack
Image Source: Walmart

Much to our surprise, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is only retailing for $59.99usd.

With the industry making its way into the $69.99 territory for new games, to see Nintendo release their new entry in the Mario universe at a familiar rate is refreshing.

And even more remarkable is that the Super Mario Bros. Wonder + Exclusive Trading Card Pack also is only retailing for $59.99usd through Walmart.

No premium price to collect that awesome Super Mario Bros Wonder Trading Card Pack.

At the time of writing this article (September 13th), the website does currently read “Out of stock”. So if you want to get your order, best to keep a close eye on that retail page in the hopes of some return stock.

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