Commercial for Super Mario Bros. Wonder on NES Is A Fan-Made Masterpiece

Super Mario Bros. Wonder on NES

An incredible new faux-commercial for Super Mario Bros Wonder on NES by Luiz Do Commercial is a thing of absolute dreams. Retro dreams, that is!

The new entry in the Mario franchise, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, is set to release on the Nintendo Switch on October 20th.

And from all of the previews that have been dropping in the past few weeks, we think it is looking like one of the most exciting 2d Mario games in a very long time.

One of the coolest promos for Wonder are those incredible exclusive trading cards you can get if you pre-order from Walmart.

And even though Luiz’s commercial has nothing to do with the real promotion for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, it still adds to the excitement for its incoming release.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder on NES

The faux-commercial for Super Mario Bros Wonder on NES feels true to what you might catch on television in the mid-1980s.

Interestingly, the commercial is also in Luiz’s native language of Portuguese.

With such a massive retro gaming scene in Brazil, it does not surprise us to see something like this coming straight out of South America.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder on NES
Image Source: Luiz Do Commercial

We utilized Google Translate to decipher the description text on the video, and got the following info:

What if Super Mario Bros. Wonder was a 1988 NES game? This was a very audacious project, because in addition to the 3D and 2D, I had to do all the pixel art for the supposed NES game!”

It is incredible to think that Luiz Do Commercial basically had to create a faux-game in order to produce his faux-commercial.

Obviously, I’m quite interested to know if that game is playable!

This NES style demake of Super Mario Bros. Wonder takes strong influence from a few of the best Mario titles of all time – Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder on NES
Image Source: Luiz Do Commercial

The game features Wario, Elephant Mario, Princess, and Toad. We kinda wish we could see more of that elephant or some of the psychedelic vibes of Wonder.

But we understand how difficult it would be to recreate some of those elements on the NES. Perhaps an SNES romhack of Super Mario World could come closer.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder on NES
Image Source: Luiz Do Commercial

We are quite pleased with the strong retro vibes of Luiz Do Commercial’s work, and we were happy to see it pop up on our Youtube homepage today.

And as we said before, this just adds to our excitement for the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, even if this is not an official promo.

If you’re a fan of these kinds of fanmade projects, why not take a look at the best Mario fan games or the incredible Super Mario Bros. 3+ Romhack.

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