Super Mario Bros. Trust the Fungus Returns In 4K With Collectors Edition

Super Mario Bros. Trust the Fungus

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Umbrella Entertainment has just announced a very unique “Trust the Fugus” 4k Collector’s Edition of the Super Mario Bros. movie.

We are not speaking of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which saw massive ticket sales in 2023 and universal praise as one of the best video game adaptations ever created.

The “Trust the fungus” bundle is in celebration of the 30th anniversary for the 1993 film adaptation of the Mario franchise.

And whether or not you think that it was a successful representation of Mario and friends, it certainly is a film you must see to understand why it has such an inflammatory reputation.

“Trust the Fungus”

The 1993 film adaptation of Super Mario Bros. took a more realistic approach. In the sense that it takes place in a real city and the characters are real “humans” (in most cases). But it also tries to mold familiar baddies into an anthropomorphic form.

The result is something of a fever dream, in all of the worst ways. And the film took a lot of heat for being a pretty poor representation of what we know SMB to be.

It took 30 long years to get a second try on a Super Mario Bros. movie, and I think most would agree that the curse was broken with this year’s release.

Nonetheless, the 1993 film is a part of Mario history whether we like it or not. And some have come to accept the film for what it is and appreciate it for all of its weirdness.

It would seem that Umbrella Entertainment is on board with that love of the film, because they are releasing a newly remastered 4k edition using the original camera negatives.

And what collector’s edition would be complete without a ton of unique bonus materials to browse through and display proudly?

Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Super Mario Bros. Trust the Fungus
Image Source: Umbrella Entertainment

The “Trust the Fungus” Collector’s Edition is only available through Umbrella Entertainment. And it contains a bunch of unique bonus content you won’t want to miss.

  • A brand new 4K restoration from original camera negative
  • Over 250 page hardback bound book including a host of production materials, interviews and artwork
  • Over 200 page bound book of scripts including early drafts
  • Genuine Super Mario Bros. film cell in collectable case
  • Replica A6 1993 34 page Souvenir magazine
  • Classic artwork designed outer rigid slipcase (Note: artwork subject to change)
  • Classic artwork design slipcase (Note: artwork subject to change)
  • 8 replica lobby cards
  • 2 x A3 reversible posters featuring UK, Australian, Thai and Japanese original posters
  • Sticker sheet
  • Limited Edition numbered release

Super Mario Bros. “Trust the Fungus” Collector’s Edition is currently available for pre-sale at $150.00 AUD (about $95usd). And it is anticipated to ship around January of 2024.

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