Super Mario Amazon Boxes Are Being Delivered To Lucky Customers

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People across the world have started reporting that Super Mario Amazon Boxes have been appearing on their doorsteps, even when they haven’t ordered anything gaming related!

It appears that Nintendo has still got a fair few tricks up its sleeves when it comes to celebrating Mazza’s 35th Anniversary. Whether they are trying to beat Sega’s 60th Birthday celebrations or just don’t want the party to end, the new limited-edition boxes sure have caught peoples attention!

What’s With The Super Mario Amazon Boxes?

Super Mario Amazon Boxes are being shipped throughout November

2020 might have been a bit of a write-off, but Ninty has kept our spirits high with a whole host of epic collaborations. We’ve seen Super Mario Puma trainers as well as some epic Addidas Super Mario Shoes.

And now, Nintendo have teamed up with the biggest name in eCommerce to surprise lucky customers with limited edition Super Mario Amazon Boxes.

A statement from Nintendo has said that buying their products doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get one of the boxes.

It seems that the selection process is truly random, and that lucky owners should hang onto these soon-to-be collectors items.

You may have read in our Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review, but the new game will only be around till March 2021. Similarly, these limited edition Super Mario Amazon Boxes are only being shipped throughout November 2020.

Imagine if you got the game in one of these boxes; I don’t think I’d ever open the package!

What Could This Mean For Future Collaborations?

Obviously, we’d love to say that it’s going to be the N64 mini, but the chances are that Nintendo might just be ramping up marketing for Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury, the remake of Super Mario 3d World which will soon be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

It’s doubtful we’ll see yet another Mario title dropping before the year is out, but there could well be more merch coming our way over the Holiday season, with more cool clothing and accessories dropping before Christmas.

Who knows; maybe Royal Mail might start a Nintendo Stamp series for collectors to get their hands on?

As long as they aren’t resurrecting the Mario Bros film any time soon. I hope that thing is buried deep… somewhere where Diggas and Goombas can’t find it!

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