Nintendo Collaborates With Puma To Launch ‘Super Mario All Stars’ Sneaker Set

super mario all stars shoes

We all know Super Mario 3D All-Stars was released recently, and it went down like a charm. Hundreds of thousands sold within days, and it has shown Nintendo that gamers, really, really like ports of old school games to new hardware.

Due to the success Nintendo has wanted to promote it a bit more, and one of their campaigns is with Puma in order to show off their game with feet.

That’s right, Nintendo has collaborated with Puma in order to spice up their Rider, Clyde, and RS-Fast sneakers with a more retro feel.

Each sneaker pays homage to the three classic games within Super Mario 3D All Stars shoes which is Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.

super mario 3d all stars puma shoes

The Future Rider is inspired by Super Mario 64 which was one of the best N64 games of all time, released in 1996. This is one of the games that is causing a rise in the best Nintendo Switch emulators, and we can see why!

It represent Bob-omb Battlefield, the N64 game’s first level. The upper section is dressed in white and tab, with a hint of Mario’s signature colour palette, blue and red.

Next up is the Clyde, a smooth coloured sneaker that pays respect to the Gamecube game that is Super Mario Sunshine. This sneaker is about the level Isle Delfino, with a red upper, with water printed stripes that throws a nod at the game’s tropical game style.

And lastly the RS-Fast Super Mario Shoes, which look as if they’ve game out of 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy for Nintendo Wii. This is a sneaker for runners. It has a wide range of colour, black, white purple and a metallic silver to make it look space-like.

These Super Mario 3D All Stars shoes will be available on the PUMA website on November 27th, and will start at $80 for the Clyde’s, $90 for the Future Rider’s and $120 for the RS-Fast’s.

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