Super Charge Bros. Is The Wireless Charging System Your Phone Deserves

Super Charge Bros Launch Image

What could be better than putting in a few hours of Super Mario Bros. on Delta and then charging your phone on a wireless charger that looks like a NES game? Nothing, that’s what, which is why this Super Charge Bros. Kickstarter campaign has us so excited.

The campaign is being set up by Roo, aka The Retro Room. I’ve come across the Retro Room before when scouting the internet for homebrew games for our favourite Nintendo consoles, and now I’ve discovered via Kickstarter that he’s working on this epic NES-themed charger. The Kickstarter isn’t live yet, but we do know that Roo is working in conjunction with Boston Wener (prototypes) and ZombiWorkshop with regard to the art, and it’s all looking fantastic so far!

The concept is simple; place your phone on the NES cartridge and voila, watch as your compatible phone charges. It’s USB-powered and easy to put anywhere in your home and would look perfect in any nerdy office (I’m thinking about my own here). I’ve reached out to Roo to see if we can get one of these in for review once it’s live, but for now, check out the official trailer below!

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