Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Switch Edition Coming In Limited Run

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The news is out: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Switch Edition is arriving soon, with pre-orders beginning on November 19th.

For those of you that don’t know, Limited Run Games are a company that, as the name suggests, release limited runs of classic games for consoles.

It’s ok getting downloadable copies of games, but there’s something incredibly special about holding onto a physical copy of a game in your hands, sticking it on a shelf, and looking at it forever more.

LRG’s latest announcement of the soon to be released Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Switch edition is set to drop in three different bundles; standard, premium, and master.

Here’s more information about the upcoming release, what to expect in each bundle, cost, and more!

Checking Out The Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic

Switch Edition

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Switch Edition - standard bundle

So, before we go any further, here’s the pre-order link to make sure you get hold of a copy of KOTOR.

Right now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at what you get for your hard earned cash.

The standard edition simply gives lucky individuals a chance to own this classic Star War story in physical form with no bells or whistles. It’ll set you back $34.99, which is a small price to pay considering some games are coming out at atoner $70 these days.

But, if you’ve got an extra $55 burning a hole in your pocket, then why not go premium.

The premium edition comes with a whole host of things that, while you don’t need them, are super cool and will make you feel like a resident of Tatooine.

We’re talking commemorative coins that might have monetary value over on Coruscant, concept art cards, a pin, SteelBook, and more.

Of course, true fans are undoubtedly going to plump for the Master Edition, complete with hardcover strategy guide, throwback case, Vibroblade letter opener, miniature lightsaber hilts, and all of the other items from the premium bundle.

Nerdiness comes at a cost however, with this bundle coming in at a whopping $174.99.

Maybe I could convince Aspyr and Limited Run to give me a copy by using the force…

What is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Switch Edition - gameplay

If you’ve never played KOTOR before, then you’re probably scratching your head wondering what all of the fuss is about.

All you need to know is that instead of the new Star Wars films, they should have covered this stuff instead. This story is 1,000 times better and features battles before the formation of the mighty Galactic Empire.

In short, Sith are fighting Jedi, Jedi are fighting Sith, and your character can choose to be on either side.

Though in all honesty, who would want to fight for the Jedi when you could be a boss-ass Sith!

Play through all the classic scenarios you’d expect from a bona fide Star Wars game, namely on the ground with a lightsaber or in the cockpit of a fighter traversing the galaxy. It’s one of the best original Xbox games, and now it’s cross-platform!

Play as a soldier, a scout, or a scoundrel. It’s jam-packed with RPG goodness and players can learn and adapt force powers as the game progresses.

With other 350 characters and 15,000 lines of speech written into the game, this is one mammoth title brimming with Midichlorian magic.

And now you can play it on the toilet thanks to the Switch’s handheld mode… that’s really all we want this for, isn’t it?

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for checking out our article on the upcoming Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Switch edition. Remember to use the pre-order link to make sure you bag a copy.

Good luck, and may the force be with you.

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