Star Wars: Dream Of The Rebellion Announced For Dreamcast

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Star Wars: Dream Of The Rebellion, a Rogue Squadron inspired shooter, is making the jump to lightspeed and flying onto the Sega Dreamcast.

Star Wars: Dream Of The Rebellion is the brainchild of indie developer Frogbull, who has revealed on Twitter that the project is an original title, inspired by the Rogue Squadron series, and not a port of the classic space shooters.

Frogbull has shared a video of Dream Of The Rebellion gameplay on their YouTube channel, which is embedded below.

The eight-minute long video shows gameplay of the ‘Star Destroyer Pursuit’ mission, with introductory voiceover provided by a C3PO soundalike.

Authentic movie sound effects and John Williams iconic score play over a new Star Wars opening crawl before the X-Wing flies into view and is immediately set upon by waves of Tie Fighters.

Star Wars: Dream Of The Rebellion gameplay
image credit: frogbull/youtube

Within the video’s description, the homebrew developer states “with Star Wars: Dream of the Rebellion, you can finally fulfill your dream of piloting an X-Wing and defending the galaxy on Dreamcast”.

Frogbull cites that despite three Star Wars titles launching on the Sega Dreamcast, Jedi Power Battles, Demolition and Episode I: Racer, none of these games allowed players to pilot an X-Wing.

There Is Another, Skywalker

Star Wars battlefront classic collection gameplay
image Credit: aspyr

Retro Star Wars titles are arriving in great numbers at the start of 2024. We’ve already seen Nightdive Studios revive the excellent Star Wars: Dark Forces with a new remaster, which I called an “authentic and thrilling Star Wars experience” in our review.

Developer and publisher Aspyr will also launch the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection on the 14th March.

The studio behind the exceptionally good value Tomb Raider I-III Remastered have ventured to a Galaxy far, far away to reignited the first two Star Wars Battlefront games and deliver several new features to the series including 64-player online battles.

With so many classic Star Wars titles returning, it seems that the target audience for Dream Of The Rebellion is thriving. Only time will tell if Frogbull’s original take on the iconic sci-fi series will eventually rival any of the best Dreamcast games on Sega’s final console.

Gamers and Star Wars fan looking for more info on Dream Of The Rebellion should keep their targeting computers locked to Frogbull’s Patreon page for the latest updates.

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