Star Wars Bounty Hunter Remaster Coming To All Major Consoles This Year

Star Wars Bounty Hunter graphic

One of my favourite ever games for the Nintendo GameCube is returning to major consoles, a fact that has stopped me from sleeping and made me grab my laptop to share the news. Star Wars Bounty Hunter, the game that I was supposed to get for Christmas 2002 and ended up getting a month later because there was a problem with the shipping, a game that I played to death, is getting a remaster!

Yes, Jango Fett is returning once more with a remastered version of the classic game heading to Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Steam on the 1st of August, 2024. No matter how you play, you’ll be able to get a slice of the action and take to the skies with a jetpack and dual pistols while chasing down bad guys and picking up that all-important bounty. According to the announcement tweet, we’re getting enhanced graphics (which you would expect from a remaster), new equipment, and much more. Oh, and the option to play as Boba Fett, Jango’s son… how amazing is that!

Seb holding a copy of Bounty Hunter for the GameCube

I’m incredibly excited that a whole new generation gets to check out my favourite Star Wars game in crisp new graphics. Playing as Luke Skywalker or throwing lightsabers around is all well and good, but taking to the skies as one of the most amazing bounty hunters in any game ever made (sorry, Samus) just can’t be beaten. I named it the third greatest game for the GameCube – that’s how much I love it!

According to Daily Star Wars Games, the game will cost $20 or £16.75 with a 10% discount for pre-orders. The Sony link to preorder the game on PS5 states that it costs £15.99 or £14.39 with a PS Plus account, and the Xbox Games Store has it for a penny less than the quoted pre-order price at £15.06

Play as Jango Fett as you carry out Darth Tyrannus’ orders and remove the Bando Gora from the known galaxy. They worship the force like my Dad worships Del Piero (Italians love football), and their antics are making things difficult for Tyrannus and Darth Sidious. Jango must take down the crime ring and collect more money than I’ll see in my lifetime in the process. Pick up items that will help you ‘pick off’ your enemies one by one – it’s a thrilling game filled with action and adventure. Check out the official announcement trailer below!

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