seb santabarbara

Seb Santabarbara

I am Sebastian Santabarbara, the Editor-In-Chief of Retro Dodo. 

Born in 1990, I grew up in an incredible time for the gaming industry, getting my first Gameboy DMG at 6-years old and my first-ever console, the N64, for Christmas back in 1998. 

I’m a 90s kid through and through, with my childhood years comprising of a diet of collecting Pokémon Cards, GoGo’s Crazy Bones, and going mad for all things Nintendo. Coming from an Italian family, having an Italian gaming character as their poster boy was clearly a big deal!

I used to read Nintendo Official Magazine and longed to write for a gaming magazine one day. Now, as the Editor in Chief of Retro Dodo, I get to write about videogames every day and connect with a community that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.


One of my earliest memories is playing duck hunt on the NES with my Uncle in his living room, and then using the SuperScope to play Tetris with, of all things. It was so big I could hardly hold it on my shoulder, but that day instilled a lifelong love for gaming in me.

I would come home from school and play Zelda for hours, lose track of time riding my bicycle around Kanto in Pokémon Red, and race against my Mum on Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing. 

I’ve always loved writing, and after meeting Brandon in 2017 and building and eventually selling a successful travel brand together, we turned our attention to that nostalgic passion that runs deep within us both – gaming. Our mission is to help everyone remember that thrill of unwrapping a new N64 game or opening their first pack of Pokémon cards, and essentially to stay being a ‘big kid’ for as long as possible. 

seb santabarbara
seb santabarbara


As well as owning every single Nintendo console as they came out from the N64 onwards and putting more hours into Zelda games than I can count, I have worked as a writer and editor for 7 years, creating content and publishing books in multiple languages including German, Hungarian, and Czech.

You can find mentions and examples of my previous work in multiple genres on InCube8 Games, News24, Lippert, Quarto, Wiley, Google Books, and many more bookshops throughout the world. I also edit articles for Card Gamer.