NYXI Launches NEW Spice Orange Wizard Controller

NYXI has just announced the next colorway for their awesome GameCube inspired Wizard controllers for the Nintendo Switch. Say hello to the Spice Orange Wizard controller!

And what better time to launch an orange controller than in the month of jack-o-lanterns and candy corn?

NYXI Wizard – Spice Orange

NYXI Wizard – Spice Orange
Image Source: NYXI

The brand new Spice Orange Wizard controllers for the Nintendo Switch are virtually unchanged from the previous indigo, black, and platinum editions. Besides the brand new shell color, of course.

We got our hands on the indigo colorway of the Wizard controller earlier this year and we had mostly good things to say about it.

It inspired our list of the best GameCube controllers for Nintendo Switch, and found itself in the top three.

NYXI surely nailed the GameCube vibe while bringing it into the modern era for the Switch.

The Wizard certainly offers an apt way to play some of the best GameCube games on Switch, like my personal favorite from that list – Super Mario Sunshine.

NYXI Wizard – Spice Orange
Image Source: NYXI

If you’re a fan of the GameCube, especially if you owned the classic spice orange edition, then you will love this new Spice Orange Wizard controller from NYXI.

The NYXI Wizard Spice Orange Style Wireless Joy-pad for Switch retails for $69.99USD and available to order right now!

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