Sonic Toys Party Trailer Leaked – The Blue Blur Meets Fall Guys

A trailer showcasing gameplay for an upcoming and unannounced Sonic mobile game titled ‘Sonic Toys Party’ has leaked online.

The trailer comes courtesy of The Sonic Show on YouTube and embedded below from Sonic Station. The seventy second long trailer features gameplay from Sonic Toys Party showcasing various modes and levels in a game reminiscent of Epic Games’ smash hit title, Fall Guys.

In it, multiple players are seen controlling a line-up full of Sonics, Tails, Knuckles, Amys, Robotniks and more as they line up and proceed to race through a fast-paced 3D obstacle course.

Sonic fans will no doubt recognise familiar locations from previous Sonic games, with Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Silent Forest, Lava Mountain and Ocean Palace all making an appearance within the trailer. Classic enemies including Motobugs and Buzz Bombers also appear in the short tease.

Regular SEGA and Atlus leaker MbKKssTBhz5 (aka Midori) initially prompted rumours of a Fall Guys style Sonic game back in January, with this latest trailer for Sonic Toys Party continuing their accurate streak of leaks. The informant has also stated that this trailer originates from Summer 2023 and formed part of an internal team briefing at SEGA.

Midori has confirmed to Sonic Stadium several more details about the game. The title is developed internally by SEGA’s Division 4 and is intended as a ‘pillar mobile title’ for SEGA to ‘experiment with mobile online games and other concepts’.

What’s In The Toy Box?

Sonic Toys Party menu showing Sonic surrounded by different gameplay options and features.

Sonic Toy Party appears to follow the Fall Guys formula when it comes to game modes and unlockable content.

At the front end, it looks like a couple of different in-game currencies such as rings and gems, presumably acting as free and premium tokens to spend on cosmetics. A Premium battle pass has also seems to make the cut.

Speaking of cosmetics, the trailer clearly shows the Blur Blur donning a dapper top hat and several other characters appear accompanied by Chao pets. Midori suggests that cosmetics will play a large part in Sonic Toys Party and that the unlockable Chao will provide players with helpful gameplay bonuses.

While the gameplay trailer for Sonic Toys Party is in Japanese, two of the gameplay modes written in English on the main menu are ‘Survival’ and ‘Ring Competition’, with players required to ‘survive to the end’ and ‘collect the rings’ respectively.

No release date or official reveal has appeared from SEGA yet although Midori suggests a Summer release in either June or July is on the cards.

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