Sonic Dream Teams To Receive Post-Launch DLC

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The Creative Director behind the upcoming Apple Arcade exclusive Sonic Dream Team has confirmed the game will receive post-launch DLC.

TouchArcade recently spoke with Dan Rossati, the man overseeing SEGA HARDLight’s development of the game and he was candid about Sonic Dream Team DLC.

When asked whether there were any plans to include post launch content in Sonic Dream Team, the Creative Director responded by saying “yes, definitely, we’re shaping said plans right now”.

Despite only being announced a month ago, Sonic Dream Team is set to launch onto Apple Arcade on Tuesday 5th December 2023.

While Dan Rosatti didn’t give any further details on what the Sonic Dream Team DLC might include, he did shed some light on the development process and other aspects of the latest Sonic game.

Rosatti revealed that the game has been in development for just under two years and that the classic games’ speed, momentum, attitude and physics have inspired the latest title.

Playable Characters

Sonic Dream Team characters
image credit: sega/apple

Sonic Dream Team will feature six playable characters at launch. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and even Amy are almost guaranteed for any new Sonic game in 2023, but Cream and Rouge aren’t regular protagonists.

Dan Rossatti revealed that Cream the Rabbit and Rouge the Bat are included, not only for a narrative purpose, but also as female counterparts to Tails and Knuckles. “Rouge climbs and glides the same as Knuckles, and Cream can fly just like Tails”, said Rossatti.

It’s great to see a better gender balance between the Sonic protagonists and we can’t wait to discover why Cream and Rouge are tangling with Dr. Eggman this time.

In a tantalising tease, Rossatti mentioned that fan-favourites Shadow and Blaze require “more existential-level threats to turn up than the starting point for Dream Team allowed”.

Perhaps we’ll also see Shadow and Blaze in the future as part of the aforementioned Sonic Dream Team DLC if narratively things go South for the original sextet. Bringing Shadow into the fold wouldn’t be a surprise as the anti-hero is gearing up to star in next years’ Sonic 3 movie.

A New Sonic Adventure

Sonic Dream Team DLC
image credit: sega/apple

Despite the vibes in the Sonic Dream Team announcement trailer, SEGA HARDLight’s Creative Director quickly dismissed any notion the new game intended to replicate the Sonic Adventure series.

Instead, Sonic Dream Team will focus more on flow and fluidity of movement, with Rossatti likening the gameplay to riding a rollercoaster.

Sonic Adventure fans shouldn’t despair however, as long-time Sonic Team Head Takashi Iizuka has assisted in the development of Sonic Dream Team, acting as a guiding hand throughout the project’s development.

Sounds Of The Sonic Underground

Sonic Dream Team DLC monitor
image credit: sega/apple

Music has always formed such a fundimental part of the Sonic experience and Sonic Dream Team looks to continue that tradition.

Sonic maestros Tee Lopes and Jonny Atma composed music for the Sonic Dream Team trailer but in-game soundscapes will be provided courtesy of Michiel van den Bos.

Michiel van den Bos is no stranger to creating gripping soundtracks for video games with the Dutch composers’ past achievements including Deus Ex, Unreal Tournament and Sonic Jump Fever.

Speaking about van den Bos’ involvement, Dan Rossatti revealed that “he outdid himself for the final Boss music though, I think fans are going to love it!”.

We now have better idea of what to expect from Sonic Dream Team thanks to Dan Rossatti’s candid interview with TouchArcade.

While he didn’t delve into specifics around the Sonic Dream Team DLC, his comments will certainly hype the Sonic fanbase ahead of the new games’ launch next week.

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