Seven New NES Titles Arrive On Nintendo Switch Online

The selection of NES games coming to Switch Online

The Nintendo Switch Online platform is continuously full of surprises, like the Auntie who always gives you money whenever you go around to visit. Nintendo never fails to make me smile with the nostalgic releases they add to the system, and this time they’ve added seven, yes seven NES games for us to play for free.

NES games are available to everyone who has purchased the standard base NSO package, the one that allows multiplayer on Switch games but doesn’t provide access to N64 and Sega Mega Drive games. And as of today, you can play some epic titles from Nintendo’s golden years both on the go or at home while on the sofa.

In alphabetical order (because that’s the only real way to list things), we’ve got:

  • Cobra Triangle (1989)
  • Donkey Kong Jr Math (1986)
  • Golf (1985)
  • Mach Rider (1986)
  • Solar Jetman (1990)
  • The Mystery Of Atlantis (1986)
  • Urban Champion (1986)

I know what I’m doing this afternoon! Of all the new NES games on Nintendo Switch Online, I’m kind of looking forward to playing Donkey Kong Jr. Math again just to remind myself how much of an odd concept it was. I know that’s an unpopular opinion and one that some of you disagreed with when I ranked all of the Donkey Kong titles across the years and stuck it right at the very bottom, but I just never really gelled with it. Hey, who knows; this NSO update might convert me!

Golf is a game that needs no introduction and many of you will have played it on the NES. Solar Jetman came out the year I was born, and The Mystery of Atlantis, which Japanese readers may know as Atlantis no Nazo, is a title that I’m looking forward to putting some serious hours into. Plus Cobra Triangle still gets my blood pumping when I play today – I’ve never seen a river with so many whirlpools! Let us know which games you’re most looking forward to playing over on our social media channels!

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