New Transparent Colours Coming To Retroid Pocket 3 Line Up Soon

retroid pocket 3 blue

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The Retroid Pocket 3 has been a very popular device since its launch in early September, and that’s for good reason.

It’s incredibly affordable coming in at just $119 for the base version or $139 for the upgraded RAM. It’s a device that allows you to emulate up to Dreamcast and PSP game flawlessly, with the addition of Android to give you stream features and Android gaming capabilities.

Picture it being a miniature version of the Logitech G Cloud, just far less powerful.

GoRetroid has sold tens of thousands of these handhelds, probably many more before Christmas gets here. Those of you that have waited patiently, you may be glad to hear this news.

The Retroid Pocket 3 is getting two new transparent colours over the next few weeks, just like the did with their older Retroid Pocket 2+, and if you haven’t seen the latest news, there could be a new Retroid Pocket 3S launching next year.

What colours are we getting?

They are releasing a new transparent blue, and a new transparent atomic purple, just like the good old days.

They asked many of their customers via a Discord channel about what new colours they would like to see, and these two were the most voted.

Originally GoRetroid were only going to go ahead with producing one new colour, but the votes were so close that they decided to start producing two.

The choices of new colours so shortly after its release must work well for the company, perhaps entices back old customers or perhaps potential customers have been waiting for new colour choices patiently?

It’s obviously working as they did this with their previous handheld, and i’ll admit, i got sucked into buying another so… it works?

As of now it’s unsure whether or not GoRetroid will sell the shells individually for a cheaper price, or if they’ll chose to make it console only.

They have had a history of doing individual upgrades and selling small parts, so perhaps this is something they may offer?

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