Charge your Joycons in Style With This Famicom Dock from Retroflag

Retroflag FC Joy-Con Charging

Fans of the classic Japanese Famicom console are gonna love this awesome new Nintendo Switch Joycon charging dock from Retroflag.

The new FC Joy-Con Charging features a charging unit that looks nearly identical to an original Famicom system.

Right down to the controller slots on the side that the original console had.

FC Joy-Con Charging
Image Source (for FC Joy-Con Charging): RetroFlag

It’s no wonder someone took a look at the original and thought “hey… we could put joycons in there!”

Let’s take a closer look at the awesome Famicom inspired Retroflag joycon charging station.

FC Joy-Con Charging Details

FC Joy-Con Charging
Image Source: RetroFlag

The FC Joy-Con Charging unit is a beautifully designed dock for your joycons.

And a lot of people will probably just assume this IS a Famicom when they first see it. Can’t blame them!

Every detail of the inspiration was either included or reworked to make sense for what the new purpose of the charging unit is.

The original power and reset buttons became the LED charging indicators.

The cart slot comes with a faux game cartridge that you can actually load up with four Switch game cards.

And those original controller slots are now modified to accommodate the joycons and create the connection necessary to charge those bad boys.

FC Joy-Con Charging
Image Source: RetroFlag

The entire unit is powered with a USB-C cable, and should take around 3.5 hours to fully charge your joycons.

This is a pretty neat way to display your joycons while charging them and also housing a few games.

I kind of want this one as more of an awesome display piece more than the actual charging. But of course… having a useful function is just bonus!

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