Resident Evil Trilogy Is Back On PC Thanks To GOG

Resident Evil bundle from GOG

If you’re wondering why your PC is suddenly trembling in fear and keeps bringing up remote cabins on islands far away from the mainland, then it could have something to do with the imminent arrival of zombies on your screen once more. Yes, Resident Evil fans can rejoice as the original trilogy heads back to PC again thanks to the people over at GOG.

Some of you might remember GOG being called ‘Good Old Games’. It’s a platform that distributes games without any digital rights management restrictions, leaving users to play their games freely and be in control of their purchases on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

While games 2 and 3 in the original RE trilogy are coming a little later, the first Resident Evil is out now and available to buy for the amazing price of £8.99. If you buy the whole bundle, you can get 17% off the price of all three games – this is a steal if ever I saw one!

Same Horrifying Game, New Modern Features

You might not be able to polish a zombie (for fear of getting your hand bitten off), but you can throw some quality-of-life features at it. The new version of RE1 is fully compatible with Windows 10 & 11 and comes in four languages: English, German, French, and Japanese. It comes with new rendering options including anti-aliasing, improved cutscene timing, better task-switching, and full support for all the modern gaming controllers for both PC and Consoles that you know and love, allowing you to game comfortably with your chosen remote.

But while the game adds new features, the content and storyline of the original title have been left as they were – you can’t improve on perfection, after all! Expect all of the same blood, violence, gore, and pant-wetting terror from the PS1 version. You can check out the listing on GOG for all of the features!

The fact that all three games are coming to Windows with cloud saves, controller support, and overlays for us to play is just phenomenal, as is the bundle price of £20.99. That really is a great price for three of the greatest RE titles ever made. GOG also states that the games will all be out this year, so you won’t have long to wait for the other two to drop if you do choose to buy the bundle!

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