Resident Evil 1 Remake Rumour Circulates Before Being Soundly Refuted By Supposed Leaker

A fresh rumour of a Resident Evil 1 Remake began shuffling around the web this weekend although the person attributed to sourcing the leak disagrees. Eurogamer reported on the leaks from “noted horror genre leaker” Dusk Golem that suggest Capcom are developing a remake of the first entry in the legendary survival horror franchise for a 2026 release to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of the series.

However, following the supposed leak, Dusk Golem took to Twitter to distance themselves from the rumour and made no bones about refuting it publically, using some choice language in the process. They claim that they ‘never commented anywhere that a new remake of RE1 is happening’, and the whole idea that it came from the Dusk Golem Twitter feed was a complete fabrication.

Dusk Golem continued their defence in a series of posts that also shed light on how a “fake edited image” was circulating online that suggested Dusk Golem was behind the new Resident Evil 1 Remake rumour.

In a final post focused on the supposed leak that was attributed to them, Dusk Golem said “People might be surprised, but I don’t actually just believe in baseless rumors, and as far as I know nothing of the sort of what’s being claimed with RE:1 for a 30th anniversary thing is happening in any shape or form. The horror enthusiast signed off with a short and direct “it’s somebody lying”.

Biohazard Declassified

This weekend also saw YouTube channel Biohazard Declassified sharing more details about a supposed Resident Evil 1 Remake.

According to Andy from Biohazard Declassified, an anonymous source contacted them directly “detailing some rumbles they heard in early 2023”.

Biohazard Declassified elaborates on the supposed leak which suggests the Resident Evil 1 Remake will feature a “slower pace like the Resident Evil 2 Remake”. “Each zombie will have their own unique model due to the small number of enemies within the game”, according to Biohazard Declassified and those enemies are also rumoured to act as “bullet sponges”, requiring multiple rounds to take down each zombie. The Crimson Head enemies will supposedly return as well.

Resident Evil is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time with a steady stream of (mostly) great games releasing since it debuted in 1996. The studio behind the series previously confirmed more remakes were on the way during a PlayStation partner awards event in Japan in December.

Capcom will appear as part of Summer Game Fest on the 7th of June. Will Capcom announce a Resident Evil 1 Remake for 2026? Will they reveal the also rumoured Resident Evil 9? Or maybe we’ll finally get a new entry or a remake in the long-dormant Dino Crisis series? Only time will tell.

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