Nintendo Insider Leaks Remake Of Xenoblade Chronicles X As Potential Switch 2 Title

Xenoblade Chronicles X On Nintendo Wii-U

Every now and again, whispers circulate that makes us sit up and take interest, and when a notable Nintendo insider that has proven right in the past tells us about a potential Switch 2 title… well, we’re clearly going to sit up and listen.

And the game in question – Xenoblade Chronicles X.

The Nintendo Insider who has leaked the Underrated Wii U game is Zippo, a leaker that has proven to be right about news multiple times before now. So whenever we hear a leak from them, we tend to get a little excited.

Now we have no information as to whether this is true, when it might come out, or if it’s actually happening. Zippo has been off the mark a few times too, but why would someone use a game that most of us can barely remember that came out almost 10 years ago as a means of pulling us in or pulling the wool over our eyes?

Surely they’d use a remake of Yoshi’s Wooly World for that… right?

Xenoblade Chronicles X – An Open World Epic That Appeared Before Breath Of The Wild!

Credit: Nintendo

Some of you might have missed out on this game entirely when it dropped back in 2015, which is hardly surprising.

The Wii U didn’t really make its mark on the world, it has to be said, and many of the games that came out on the console have since found homes on the Switch or, in the case of Zombi U, on the PS4 as Zombi.

Monolith’s open world title was incredible; it’s a game I put a lot of hours into and one that I would love to see on Nintendo’s new title.

And to be honest, a full remake of Xenoblade Chronicles X would be a great title to kick the Nintendo Switch 2 off with.

It would provide some open world excitement for those gamers looking for something epic to play after Tears of the Kingdom and give an underrated title the kudos it deserves.

As always, if we hear anything in the meantime, you’ll be the first to know!

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