A New FREE Game For The PS Vita Called Red Moon of April Now Available

Red Moon of April

We woke up to an awesome announcement today from Neuromage Studio letting us know that their game Red Moon of April is launching on the PS Vita.

With the emergence of new independent developers creating games for retro consoles, it’s so cool to see something for the PS Vita as well.

So let’s take a closer look at this unique new game from developer Gabriel Sansigolo.

Red Moon of April

Red Moon of April

Red Moon of April is a new sci-fi visual novel from a small Brazilian development team. And it is the epic followup to their Sega Saturn game released earlier this year Red Moon Lost Days.

This game was two and half a years in the making, and features a small team of incredible artists to bring this story to life.

Lead developer Gabriel Sansigolo is the mastermind behind Neuromage and the Red Moon series.

The character and environment art was created by amazing illustrator Adriano Kitani.

And the game also features a full original soundtrack from Guilherme Crispim.

Red Moon of April

The game play in Red Moon of April is a mix of visual novel narrative interactions and turn based combat.

It all reminds us a bit of Coffee Talk with a bit of Pokemon battles thrown in for good measure.

Neuromage says the game includes nonlinear narrative with multiple paths. And as you would hope, your interactions and choices will effect the outcome.

Red Moon of April is available right now on the Neuromage Studio itch.io account.

This is an actual PS Vita title that can be played on the real hardware or through emulation. If you don’t own a Vita, you might wanna get the best PS Vita emulator.

Oh, and by the way… it’s entirely free! Yes, Neuromage has offered their new game at a “name your own price” rate.

So please, throw them a couple of bucks for their efforts. I swear it absolutely makes an independent developer’s day to wake up to a donation.

And surely you can tell from the images, this game has had a lot of time and energy put into it.

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