Pixels and Coffee Form The Perfect Pair in Coffee Talk!

Coffee Talk

Pixel art narrative game Coffee Talk Double Pack physical edition is coming to consoles in Summer 2023 thanks to Numskull Games!

Quite ironic, considering that I have several game consoles and a coffee within arms reach while writing this!

Coffee Talk mixes narrative driven stories with some pretty awesome pixel art. Resulting in a cozy gaming experience that requires you to pay attention to people’s words rather than hack and slash them to bits.

Kind of a relief, if you ask me!

Coffee Talk

Your task in the game is literally to make coffees and talk to customers.

But not just any coffee, and not just any customer.

You are encouraged to get creative with you coffee masterpieces using many unique ingredients featured in the game.

And the customers will give you some direction with what they are hoping you’ll make for them. You’d better pay attention, because the customer is always right.

At least that’s what I’ve heard people say in the service industry.

The story takes place in an alternate universe Seattle full of humans, elves and orcs alike. So expect some pretty interesting customers to come into the coffee shop.

The look of the game reminds us of another cool narrative pixel art game we recently had the pleasure of covering: NEURODIVER.

Coffee Talk was released digitally back in January of 2020. And it even has a demo available on the Nintendo store here.

This new Summer 2023 physical edition will mark the release of the anticipated follow up Coffee Talk: Episode 2 – Hibiscus & Butterfly. Which will be getting its very first physical release.

So if you missed the first game, now’s the time to take a spin.. dive.. POUR into the world of Coffee Talk.

The physical edition of Coffee Talk Episode 1 & 2 will be released by Numskull Games for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5. Even comes with a digital code to grab the awesome lofi soundtrack as well.

Pixels, coffee, video games, lofi music – This is all sounding like the perfect package!

Keep an eye out here for more news coming over the next few months!

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