Red Dead Redemption 60fps Update Arrives On PS5

A Red Dead Redemption 60fps update has arrived on the PS4 version of the game when played on PS5 via backwards compatibility.

The patch notes from Rockstar’s Support Page for the 1.03 update states that the new patch ‘added an option to enable 60 FPS when played on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility’.

Patch 1.03 also adds an option to enable subtitles upon first booting the game and ‘General bug fixes and improvements’.

Red Dead Redemption on PS4 has been running at 30fps on PS4 and PS5 since launching in August this year. Early impressions suggest that the Red Dead Redemption 60fps update runs well on PS5 and is a welcome addition to the game.

Long time fans of Red Dead expressed disappointment in what Rockstar Games called a ‘conversion’, when it was revealed that the game would be making its way digitally to PS4 and Nintendo Switch platforms without expected graphical updates or multiplayer.

A physical release for Red Dead Redemption on PS4 and Nintendo Switch is due to launch on Friday 13th October 2023.


How Much Will The Red Dead Redemption Remaster Cost?

The Red Dead Redemption Remaster also received criticism for launching with a £40 price tag in the UK ($50 in the US).

Speaking to IGN shortly after launch Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick defended the cost by saying ‘That’s just what we believe is the commercially accurate price for it’. Zelnick continued by adding that the inclusion of the Undead Nightmare DLC amounted to ‘great value for customers’.

It remains to be seen if Red Dead Redemption will receive the same 60fps update on Xbox, Nintendo Switch or natively on PS4 when played on Sony’s 8th Gen console. Red Dead Redemption has been playable, in 4K at 30fps, on Microsoft’s consoles via backwards compatibility for years.

The original release of Red Dead Redemption in 2010 is universally considered a triumph and the game has even found itself a spot on both our best PS3 games and best Xbox 360 games lists.

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