Pokemon Reveals NEW “Trading Card Game Classic” With Premium Products

pokemon trading card game classic

In today’s Pokemon Presents, Nintendo kicked off the livestream by announcing “Trading Card Game Classic”.

It primarily focused on new products, more specifically a portable games board that can extend out to create an official board game with areas of the board indicating where and how to play this game.

This board set looks incredibly premium, it comes with counters, sleeves, dice and more, allowing you to get accustomed to this way of playing the game more easily.

pokemon card game classic accessory

It transforms into a portable carry case that can be taken with you to events or a friends house.

There’s also a new way to roll the “dice”, this time it looks like a metal ball that slides around a small hole in the container that carries your counters, eventually the ball stops and falls into a numbered hole.

With that they showed off what looks like a reprint of the classic Base set cards, making me guess that this new classic card game only uses specific cards for now.

pokemon card game classic base set

This could be because Nintendo wants to introduce a new audience into the card game, or the fact that they can re-release sets for this classic card game to grow hype.

Not a lot was said about this classic card, nor any information regarding how it’s different, how much it costs and what the marketing goal for it is, but they announced “more information coming soon”.

We will update this article with more information once Nintendo Announce it.

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