7 Rare Digimon Cards That Are Secretly Worth A Fortune

rare digimon cards

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Rare Digimon cards are wanted more and more every day. Some say the series has had its time in the spotlight, but we believe that Digimon will soon make a big return, bringing more eyes to the trading card scene and making the demand for rare Digimon cards bigger than ever.

We’ve put together a list of some of the rarest Digimon cards that you can currently buy, some are affordable and some… not so much. So without further ado, let’s take a look at rare Digimon Cards.

Our friends at Card Gamer also have an article listing some of the most expensive Digimon cards, should you want even more detail!

1. Tyrannomon Series 2 Gold Stamped (2000)

tyrannomon digimon series 2
Credit: Bandai Namco/Ebay

This is one rare Digimon card that every collector wants, and that’s because only 100 of these were ever printed. Released in 2000, many old Digimon players may remember it. But what makes this specific card special is that not only does rarity rely on condition but also what number you have out of the 100 printed.

For example, if you look at the bottom of the Digimon card you will see 001/100 making this the first-ever printed variant of this card.

And that’s why this card that was sold in 2000 is one of the rarest Digimon cards in existence, only 100 were printed, and it’s rumoured that many have been lost or thrown away. How many of these actually exist? Nobody knows.

This card is currently on auction for $175,000+.

2. Meramon Exclusive Gold Card (1999)

Credit: Bandai Namco/Ebay

Going back to when Digimon cards were originally released in 1999 some of them just so happened to be the ultimate rare Digimon cards, for obvious reasons. Very few of them were printed, and once the brand grows, so does demand.

It’s a bit like some of the rarest Pokemon cards out there, the older you go, the rarer they become because of the limited quantity. The same goes for this card here, Meramon Gold Prism card, which was an exclusive preview card in 1999.

The exclusive preview edition contains the same cards as in the original series 1. The only difference is that each card has an embossed foil stamp on the front containing an”exclusive preview”, this essentially makes it a “first edition” card.

Not many of these Meramon cards are around, especially in a PSA 8. This is one of the highest-graded Meramon cards, making it incredibly rare and sought after by collectors. Only 100 of these were ever made. As of now, there is one currently on eBay for $140,000.

3. Cockatrimon Exclusive Gold Prism Card (1999)

Credit: Bandai Namco/Ebay

1999 was the year that Digimon started to boom in popularity. The toys, the cartoons, the cards; Digimon felt like it was everywhere and it was taking Pokemon Topps cards head-on.

Many collectors are holding onto graded cards, but not so many are grading them, due to PSA’s poor service recently, some customers have been waiting over a year to get their cards graded, so the demand for PSA Digimon cards is at an all-time high.

One of the rare cards that many want is Cockatrimon from 1999. It features not only the gold stamp but the gold prism holo effect that is a signature look for the vintage rare Digimon cards.

Only 100 of these were ever printed, and only a handful have ever been graded with the highest being this mint 9 here. This card is currently being sold for $125,000 on eBay.

4. Selected Kids! Exclusive Gold Card (1999)

digimon selected kids! card 1999
Credit: Bandai Namco/Ebay

You will begin to see a common feature within the next few cards, and that’s because this one feature basically makes it incredibly rare. That’s the “Exclusive Preview” gold stamp towards the bottom left of the card.

This is a symbol that only 100 cards in the whole set have, making it even rarer. This card here is the Selected Kids! card, which is an exclusive preview from the 1999 set.

What makes this card wanted is the showcase of the original cast members from the 90’s anime, many original collectors will remember these characters so it adds nostalgic value. This card just happens to be in great condition and graded an 8, which is near mint, and from the records, this is the only 8 out there. As of writing this, this card has a value of $30,000.

5. Gomamon Gold Prism Card (1999)

Credit: Bandai Namco/Ebay

One of the most loved Digimon in the whole of the franchise is Gomamon, because it has so many prevolutions and possible evolutions. It’s a Digimon of many talents! One of the rarest types of cards in the original 1999 series was gold prism holo foil cards, and that’s exactly what this is.

It also has the exclusive preview gold stamp which you will learn more about throughout this article because they show up everywhere. This Gomamon card is from the first ever sets, and due to only 100 of this variant being made, it makes it very wanted, especially in good condition.

This one specifically is one of the rarest because it is the highest-graded card in recorded history, so you can’t be surprised that it’s selling for over $4,500 on eBay currently.

6. Omnimon BT1-084 Alt Art (2021)

omnimon bt1-084
Credit: Bandai Namco

What? A card from 2021 is technically a rare Digimon card? Yes, if you take into consideration the potential of this card, and the fact it’s already being sold for hundreds of dollars already. This is the Omnimon Alternative Art card from the recent new set that was launched in February 2021 called “Special Booster 1.0” from the BT-01 set.

Weird names I know, but that’s how Bandai is doing it. This is one of the rarest cards in the whole entire set, with a 1 in 72 chance of pulling it from packs. Not only is it good in the trading card game, it’s also a stunning art piece, and because it’s one of the best cards in the first “new” sets, when Digimon eventually booms like Pokemon did, this card will skyrocket in value.

Currently, we’re seeing it sold on eBay for as high as $250+, and that’s only a couple of months after the box has released in America and Europe.

It may not be “rare” but the reason we are featuring it in this article comes down to the potential rarity in years to come when many wish they jumped on the new sets. We’re even thinking of snagging a few boxes just as an investment! A ghost rare variant of the card sold recently for $450!

7. Piximon #U5 Holo Foil Exclusive Preview (1999)

Credit: Bandai Namco

You’ll see these “exclusive cards” show up a lot in this article, and that’s because they are incredibly rare and are seen as the “first editions”.

The only PSA 10 exclusive preview Digimon card is this one right here. It was graded in 2020 and hasn’t been sold anywhere since. So from what we can tell, someone is sitting on it waiting for Digimon to pop.

The only PSA 10 Digimon card out there is the Piximon card from 1999, one of Digimon’s first-ever prints. Its holo foil makes it even more wanted and the Digimon itself is popular within the anime making it a wanted card for many collectors who watched it in the late 90s and early 2000’s. A PSA 9 card recently sold for $119 on eBay.

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