Powkiddy Reveals New RGB20SX Handheld With A 4″ 1:1 Square Display

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Powkiddy took a big risk launching the original RGB30, it was a horizontal handheld with a 1:1 display that worked really well with a wide range of retro games that had this screen ratio, especially Game Boy Color games.

Powkidy also had some good customer feedback from RGB20S fans too, this was an affordable vertical handheld that could emulate PS1 games and below, so like many handheld manufcateres in this space, they have decided to combine them both to create the new RGB20SX.

The Powkidy uses the same design as the RGB20S but instead uses the 1:1 display from the RGB30, to create a vertical handheld with a unique display ratio, which Powkiddy enthusiasts have been asking for.

This news did leak back in February and it certainly turned some heads, but now as of today you can pre-order the Powkiddy RGB20SX on their website.

Powkiddy RGB20SX Specifications

  • Screen size: 4.0 inch (720×720)
  • CPU: ARM quad-core 1.8GHz
  • External storage: 16GB – 256GB
  • WIFI: Built-in WIFI 5G+Bluetooth
  • Battery: 5000MAH

On their official website it states that this will be able to emulate most retro consoles including Nintendo 64, Playstation 1 and Nintendo DS. A screen size like this makes Nintendo DS a little more bearable should you want both screens shown instead of switching between them both, although the text will be very small, but it’s still possible.

There’s no denying that the build quality on this won’t be the best, after reviewing the RGB20S it was obvious that Powkiddy cut some corners, especially on the plastic shell quality and the shoulder button designs.

rgb20sx blue
image credit: powkiddy

But that said, it’s a fun handheld to play on, it looks colorful has a bright screen and its UI is basic enough for understand without a manual.

Powkiddy has priced this at $89.99 which is incredibly steep, especially when you consider what’s on the market. That’s almost the same price as the Retroid Pocket 2S, a far superior device for $10 extra.

Powkiddy does have a coupon code that knocks $20 off if you use “RGB20SXGOOD” at checkout for those that want to pre-order, so if you’re on the fence, now is the time to get it, because it’s certainly not going to be worth $89.99 in my opinion.

We have a unit on the way and will share a full review when we have done our thorough review process, so expect that some time in May!

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