Polycade Sente Premium Home Arcade Cabinet Crowdfunding Begins

Polycade Sente

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Polycade have just launched their crowd-funding campaign for their new modular arcade cabinet system, the Sente.

The Polycade Sente is a premium home arcade cabinet that is aimed to be the most convenient all-in-one solution for home gaming.

And this thing has a ton of options to be your perfect entertainment center. So let’s check it out and see why you might need to have this in your home.

Modular Design

Polycade Sente
Image Source: Polycade

The aspect that makes this particular arcade cabinet most unique is that it is designed to be modular and upgradable.

That means you do not have to be concerned with its functionality being out of date shortly after release, like most modern day tech.

The cabinet itself is built to last you for many years. And both the internal and external hardware can be upgraded and rearranged to fit your particular wants.

Polycade Sente
Image Source: Polycade

The actual brains of the cabinet is entirely up to you. The Sente can ship with a pre-configured mini PC with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800h CPU. Or you can provide your own PC or any popular home console. Or all of the above!

Essentially, you can think of this as an all-in-one display and control panel for the PCs or consoles of your choosing.

Each swappable control panel is sold separately, and you can pick your favorite or just grab one of each to cover all bases.

Game Options

The Sente is made to play a wide range of games- from PC titles to retro emulation.

Polycade has their own Polycade Game Store to download a plethora of games for endless enjoyment.

Or you can source your own games from Steam, GOG, Itch.io, or digital ROMs for emulation.

It even comes with 21 free games and pre-installed emulators (including Arcade, NES, SNES, Genesis, Atari 2600, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance) to help get you started.

Exterior Features

Polycade Sente
Image Source: Polycade

The Polycade Sente is available in an all white or all black model. And they are intended to be personalized.

You can paint the entire unit or apply decals, which will be available for purchase or provide your own.

There are also neon LED strips running along the back of the cabinet, which adds a unique pop to the Sente.

The entire cabinet unit is wall mountable and surely will be a major highlight to any game room.

Kickstarter Information

The Polycade Sente is currently running its Kickstarter campaign for early backers. And the campaign will run through December 7th.

They are well beyond their goal, so the project will commence after the campaign concludes.

The base model is available for the minimum pledge of $1,349usd. And there are a number of packages available to fit your needs.

There are really a lot of details to cover about the Sente, and Polycade has done a great job at explaining it on their Kickstarter page. So that’s going to be your best resource for a complete breakdown.

To get your own Polycade Sente, we recommend you pledge your support and get your reservation in as soon as you can. Why not be a part of bringing this awesome project to a reality?

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