Pokemon TCG For Game Boy Color Now On Nintendo Switch Online

Pokemon TCG

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The highly anticipated Pokemon TCG for the Game Boy Color is now available on the Nintendo Switch via the Switch Online service.

This classic handheld game, which released in Japan in 1998, was one of the first games mentioned by Nintendo when the Game Boy was added to their online service.

So for months, fans of both Retro Dodo and our sister site Card Gamer have been asking about it. Well thankfully, the wait is now over!

After today’s Pokemon Presents, we learned that Pokemon Trading Card Game is ready to play starting today!

Pokemon Trading Card Game (1998)

Pokemon TCG

Pokemon Trading Card Game is a very unique entry in the early Pokemon franchise.

It plays much like other Gen 1 Pokemon titles (Green/Red/Blue/Yellow), with an overworld story experience and familiar monster battles.

But with the added element of “virtually” collecting Pokemon Cards (something we know a lot about!) and battling in a card-based setting.

The game also doubles as a tutorial for how to play the Trading Card game in real life.

Pokemon TCG basically delivers the best of both worlds – first generation Pokemon video games and Pokemon trading cards.

What’s not to like about that?

Needless to say, Pokemon TCG has made several appearances on Retro Dodo, including the best Game Boy Color Pokemon games and the best selling Game Boy Color games (we didn’t pick it, the buyers did!).

Interesting fact – this game was once banned in Saudi Arabia because they thought it had ‘blatant links to Zionism’! That’s one for the next pub quiz you host!

Nintendo Switch Online

Pokemon TCG

The Game Boy just launched for the Nintendo Switch Online service back in February of this year.

And with the recent release of The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages & Seasons and now Pokemon TCG… Nintendo is really giving us a lot of reasons to keep that subscription.

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