The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages & Seasons Hit Nintendo Switch Online

Oracle of Ages / Oracle of Seasons

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Nintendo has just launched two of the most incredible titles in the Zelda franchise on their Nintendo Switch Online service.

And longtime fans of the franchise (who isn’t?!) are losing their minds, because these are two games that we have been hoping for since the launch of Game Boy on NSO.

Oracle of Ages / Oracle of Seasons

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons are some of the most unique entries in a long line of awesome game titles.

One particular reason they standout is because it was one of the few times that Nintendo released the reigns and allowed a third party to develop something new for the series.

Oracle of Ages / Oracle of Seasons

The result was essentially Link’s Awakening DX with a bunch of new features and a new unique storyline. And to say “a bunch of new features” is really underselling it.

The developer, Flagship (Capcom), put a ton of really fun new ideas into both games, while also making both entries different.

Oracle of Ages / Oracle of Seasons

Ages has a much stronger focus on combat, while Seasons places its emphases on puzzles.

Each game plays slightly different, with their own unique game play mechanics, story elements, and overall feel.

So whatever your particular favorite elements of a topdown perspective Zelda title are, there’s something interesting here for everybody.


Oracle of Ages / Oracle of Seasons

These incredible Game Boy Color titles released in 2001, nearly ten years after Link’s Awakening. And they entirely delivered and offered something that could stand strong next to that classic.

Of course, talks of possible remakes have made the rounds for several years now. And we are all still dying for it.

A Link’s Awakening Remake style version of Ages and Seasons would be exactly what the doctor ordered.

For now, we can keep dreaming. And playing the originals on the big screen via the Nintendo Switch.

Both classic Zelda titles are now available on the Nintendo Switch Online service today, July 27th!

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