Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Revealed Titled “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero”

pokemon scarlet violet dlc

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was a huge success for Nintendo, and just like Sword & Shield they have revealed all new DLC coming this year in two parts.

The DLC is officially called The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero”, with the first part titled “The Teal Mask” being launched in Fall 2023 and “The Indigo Disk” being launched in winter 2023.

In part one “The Teal Mask” you adventure on a school trip to the land of Kitakami as your adventures expand beyond the Paldea region.

In part two “The Indigo Disk” you will be studying as an exchange student at Blueberry Academy.

In both part one and part two you will be able to explore new lands and encounter new Pokemon that were originally unobtainable within Scarlet & Violet.

You will be able to catch popular Pokemon such as Dewgong and Ninetales. There will be over 230 added Pokemon to find throughout the game, just remember your ultra balls!

That’s not all, The Teal Mask features an all-new legendary Pokemon called Ogerpon, it has a ferocious mask to scare trainers and Pokemon away. This is likely to be Grass type mixed with another type.

There was also a tease of three new Pokemon in the livestream too that was only reveal in the artwork. From what I can tell its a large cat, a baboon or monkey, and a peacock, perhaps these are new rare Pokemon too?

And then in The Indigo Disk you can catch the legendary Pokemon Terapagos which seems to be a turtle like Pokemon.

More information about part 2 will come deeper into the year.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Release Date

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet DLC is launching in two parts. Part one “The Teal Mask” launches in Fall 2023 and part two “The Indigo Disk” launches in Winter 2023.

Pre-orders are available on the Nintendo eShop.

Pokemon also revealed the new Trading Card Game Classic too, a new way to play Pokemon cards.

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