Pokemon ‘Journey Of Dreams’ Animation Teased & Features Retro Nintendo Consoles

Pokemon Journey of Dreams

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An intriguing video trailer and poster have dropped on Chinese social media sites teasing a new Pokemon animated short film titled ‘Journey of Dreams‘. (Spotted on NintendoLife)

The film’s poster features a young boy holding an original Game Boy with several other retro Nintendo handhelds and game cartridges on the floor.

And we also can see some of our favorite Pokemon characters including Charizard, Psyduck and Pikachu.

Pokemon Journey of Dreams
Image Source: Pokemon Company

It’s very clear that this film will take us on a journey to the past of the Pokemon franchise.

Where it takes us into the future will be the big mystery until it is officially released on the planned February 28th date.

Journey of Dreams

Pokemon Journey of Dreams
Image Source: Pokemon Company

The video teaser trailer for Pokemon Journey of Dreams was also released on Chinese social media.

The teaser is action packed, and features much of the same retro Pokemon content we see on the poster image.

There’s been no official word yet whether this is going to come to the English speaking markets too.

I suspect that we will also get our English version of ‘Journey of Dreams’ on Pokemon Day, which is February 27th.

So whether this is something that gets an exclusive Chinese release or not, we will for sure be seeing something very soon.

Pokemon Day

I cannot imagine that the Pokemon Company would produce an animated short film with no plans on taking it worldwide.

And why release it the day AFTER Pokemon Day in China?

One easy explanation is that many of us in Asia will be living in the future when most are experiencing Pokemon Day.

Since we are half a day ahead on the clock, we’d be in the 28th when many are still in the 27th.

Pokemon Day will quite obviously be a Pokemon extravaganza with a ton of new announcements.

The rumor mill is going wild with expectations for the 27th. Between the Pokémon Presents Livestream, hints of a new Mystery Dungeon Game, and a possible Pokemon Scarlet + Violet DLC

It’s difficult to contain our excitement. Thankfully, Pokemon Day is only a few days away.

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