Pokemon Reveals $100 Pokeball Replica Collectibles

pokeball replica

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Pokemon is a growing craze that every child and adult finds hard to hate. This official Pokeball Replica is the ultimate collectible for those that want to show their love of Pocket Monsters.

This Pokeball replica is selling on Amazon and Zavvi for $99.99 and officially launches on 27th February 2021. With more editions coming to the series throughout the year, for example the Great Ball, the Ultra Ball and possibly the Master Ball.

What makes this replica so great, is not only because the professional company behind it is The Wand Comapny but because its the first officially-licensed premium collectible replica of the Pokeball. Every other replica out there isn’t official meaning this could well be incredibly collectible.

pokeball replica box

We hear you, “why is that thing worth $100?”, well it’s down to the quality, quite simply. The Wand Company are renowned for creating some of the world’s best replica pop culture products.

The Pokeball sits in a protective case that also acts as its display stand. When you open up the case, the Pokeball Replica rises out of the box with some kind of floating magic, and it will automatically light up ready for you to throw… actually that’s not advise, that will go horribly, horribly wrong.

As soon as you touch it the Pokeball knows, and changes into a brighter pulsing light at the Pokeball’s button, feeling like you’re playing the best Gameboy Advance games of your time.

pokeball replica stand

The outer shell halves are precision-made die cast zinc which has been polished and then finished with a high-quality lacquer. The black band and white button, and much of the internal geometry needed to hold the electronics and batteries, are ABS – an engineering-grade injection moulded plastic.

The case itself is uniquely numbered, because we all know the Pokemon Company loves making their products collectible!

When you place the Pokeball Replica back down on the base it will also start to luminate colours underneath it, and with the touch of the cases Pokemon logo, you can change this.

pokemon pokeball replica

Don’t get us wrong, this is a very expensive product, but it’s aimed at those that love to collect Pokemon products and those that want to display something that gives a cool nod to one of their nostalgic passions.

This is the ultimate Pokeball, hands down. Nobody is going to come close to making a Pokeball feel so real than Nintendo themselves. We have ordered one and will be producing an unboxing video on our YouTube channel as soon as it arrives!

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