Over 1,300 Retro Games Are Heading To iPhone Via New Streaming Service

Anstream Landing Page

The iPhone has turned into a gaming powerhouse over the past couple of months, what with some of the biggest emulators heading to Apple devices, allowing a whole new audience to experience their favourite nostalgic games on the go. And now, there’s about to be a bona fide cavalcade of retro titles heading to our pockets via another first for the iPhone.

Over 1,300 retro classics are heading to both the iPhone and iPad at the end of the month as Anstream launches on the App Store, providing users with paid-subscription access to tonnes of amazing titles. For an introductory price of £3.99/$3.99 or £29.99/$29.99, players will get access to titles from the PS1, Atari Lynx, NES, Atari 2600, C64, and a whole host of arcade games as well as much more, including a small selection of Game Boy DMG games!

A selection of the consoles available on Antstream

With 2 games added each week, there’s more than enough to keep subscribers occupied too. That price is worth it for Hogs of War and 40 Winks on the PS1 and Maniac Mansion on the Amiga. And Antstream has managed to get its foot in the door as the service to giving retro gamers a specific streaming platform on iPhone, something the Dodo team is incredibly excited about!

Antstream Arcade will drop on June 27th and for a limited time be available at the subscription prices mentioned above. The cost will go up £1/$1 per month and £10/$10 per year after that initial introductory period, so grab a deal while you can and make your commutes even more exciting!

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