Nintendo Shadow Drops Metroid Prime Remastered For Switch

metroid prime remastered

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I honestly did not see this coming, if there was a shadow drop, my money was on Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot, but that release date was announced for April.

The classic Metroid Prime was released for the Gamecube on 18th November 2002, now over 20 years later Nintendo releases it out of nowhere.

Thanks for the surprise Nintendo!

The remaster actually looks spectacular, and it brings new life to an old classic. It was long overdue, for sure, and we are beyond happy that we get to play it… today.

Nintendo has teased a physical release for the Metroid Prime but no release date has been announced, i can imagine this will be later in the year towards Summer.

This new remaster will get a slight overhaul to its controls introducing dual stick layout giving it a fresh way to play if you don’t have the best Gamecube controllers for Nintendo Switch.

It can be downloaded via the Nintendo eShop right now.

By the looks of it, it keeps its impressive puzzles, bad ass selection of weapons and even the infamous final boss.

If you love playing the best Metroid games, then this is one to snag.

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