12 Best Nintendo Gifts For Kids & Adults (All Reviewed)

best nintendo gifts

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If you know someone who is nuts about Ninty, then get a load of this list of the best Nintendo gifts of all time!

Yes, we’ve taken all the stress out of buying the perfect present by listing 25 Nintendo gifts that would make any fan smile at any occasion.

Whether you’re looking to get some extra screen time in or have a break from the TV, we’ve got a gift for every gamer of every age below.

And yeah, we love them all.

So, without further ado, I’m going to pipe down and let you get shopping!

1. Nintendo Switch – OLED Model – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition

zelda tears of the kingdom nintendo switch
image credit: nintendo

First up on our list of the best Nintendo gifts is the new Nintendo Switch – OLED Model – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition console. Having had both the OG Switch and the new 4K edition, I can confirm it’s totally worth upgrading too.

Everything about this console is perfect. The removable back piece on the dock is much nicer, the tabletop stand is so much sturdier than the original thin leg that folded out, and the screen is superb.

And of course, it’s got the Tears of the Kingdom branding on it and Zelda-themed joycons!

The OLED screen is just so vibrant and clear, making this the ultimate handheld gaming device on the planet (sorry, Steam Deck).

With upgraded speakers, a built-in LAN port in the dock, and 64GB of internal storage, it’s the Switch that you deserve!

Plus it comes with Tears of the Kingdom bundled in too!

2. Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet 151 Elite Trainer

pokemon 151 etb

Remember how we all went mad for the original 151 Pokemon back on the Nintendo Gameboy with Pokemon Red and Blue? Well, now you can recollect all of those famous faces with this Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet 151 Elite Trainer set!

Yes, the original Pokemon are back available for grabs with newly designed cards sitting alongside epic trainer cards, and people have been going absolutely wild for them.

Just check out our most valuable cards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 over on our sister site Card Gamer to find out how much some of them are worth!

Whether you want to play the TCG or just collect old favourites, this is a gift that all Nintendo fans are sure to love.

3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

super smash bros ultimate

If you know someone that owns a Nintendo Switch and doesn’t have Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then it’s your job to right that wrong!

It’s no surprise that Ultimate featured in our list of the most popular video games today. This game is an absolute tour de force, with players competing religiously every day all over the world.

I’m going to go as far as to say that it’s the best multiplayer game out today too!

Think about it; multiple characters from different franchises, all fighting together in a game that anyone can play no matter their age or ability.

Keep PUBG or Fall Guys; with 77 characters, tonnes of stages, and more items that you can shake a stick at, this is the biggest fighting title of our age!

4. Nintendo Switch Lite

nintendo switch lite

Look how slick this new blue Nintendo Switch Lite is. Out of all the colour variants, this is the one that I love the most.

Maybe it’s because it looks the most like the Game Boy Advance?

Who am I kidding; of course it is!

For those of you that don’t play docked or want a specific handheld console, then the Lite is the way to go. It can play all the games the OLED Switch does, hook up to other consoles, and download games from the Nintendo Store.

The only thing it can’t do is dock!

5. Game & Watch: The Legend Of Zelda

zelda game and watch

Next up on this list of the best Nintendo gifts is the classic blast from the past, remade after the success of the Mario Game and Watch console that dropped during Mazza’s Anniversary.

If you know someone that loves BotW, then you need to get them into old school Zelda and see where Link’s journey began.

The handheld looks just like the Game and Watch consoles of old and comes preloaded with three games.

Delve into The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link, and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. 

It’s also got a clock that you can look at at night too. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

6. Pokemon Violet – Nintendo Switch

pokemon violet nintendo switch

Who’s excited about Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet – Nintendo Switch?

I’ve got to say that I’m most looking forward to Pokemon Violet. Am I going to get both? Probably. But, the cover of Violet just looks epic, and I’ve already decided I’m Team Turo.

If you don’t already know, there are version specific professor’s on each game, and your character will be wearing different clothes depending on which game you get too.

This is going to be one heck of an open-world adventure. I still stand by the fact that Arceus was to Pokemon Violet what Skyward Sword was to Breath of the Wild.

In other words, I’m saying Arceus was a tester for Violet and Scarlet, and that these new adventures are going to absolutely blow us away.

Sorry; you didn’t come here for my review. You just came here to see whether it would make a great gift.

Yes… yes it would.

7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

mario kart 8 deluxe

One of the best multiplayer experiences on the Switch comes in the form of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Since this game’s arrival on the Switch just after a month after the console dropped, it’s been a staple for gaming get-togethers, online tournaments, and multiplayer mayhem all over the world.

Twinned with a Nintendo Switch Online account, players can race with friends and new challengers all over the world.

Shy Guy, Luigi, Villager, Yoshi, Ludwig, Baby Bowser, Mazza – the whole gang is here and ready for you to race around brand new tracks and classic courses from yesteryear.

Since Kalimari Desert popped up on the DLC, i’ve finally been able to beat my friends… sometimes, at least.

8. Pokemon Monopoly Kanto Edition

pokemon monopoly

Instead of moving around buying properties like the traditional Monopoly, players now have the choice to pick their starer Pokemon in physical form to make those sweet Poke’dollars.

You’ll also notice well known towns, locations and gyms from the original games, all while beating your friends to the finish line.

I don’t wan to ruin the whole surprise!

Monopoly is always a safe gift for someone if you don’t know what to buy them, especially when Nintendo is added into the mix too.

Beware though, this game can cause more family arguments in one day than you’ve had in a lifetime. You’ve been warned!

9. Lego Nintendo Entertainment System


Come on, we all want to open this Lego Nintendo Entertainment System on a birthday or special occasion. Look how good it is; it’s hard to believe that this is an actual Lego set when you see it.

Especially when you see the TV moving and little Mario jumping up and down!

Complete with a NES controller, game cart, NES, and TV, this buildable set is effete for both Lego and gaming fans, the ultimate crossover.

Honestly, if you had a Geiger counter for ’80’s Nostalgic Vibes’, it would register off the scale when passed over this thing!

10. Super Mario Bros Wonder

super mario wonder

Super Mario Wonder takes the 20th spot in our best Nintendo gifts of all time!

Get ready for the latest in Mario’s 2D side-scrolling series, a brand new title that will undoubtedly leave you full of wonder from the moment you turn it on until the final boss battle!

From old school Nintendo fans who have been with Mario since the NES days to fans of the mustachioed marvel an his side-scrolling games of recent years, this new title has a little something for everyone.

I mean, we never knew we needed elephant Mario in our lives until we saw the trailers, but we definitely do now!

11. Kirby And The Forgotten Land

kirby and the forgotton land

Next up in our Nintendo gifts list is a game that’ll suck you in right from the word go… mainly because that’s Kirby’s superpower.

This game is best described as Super Mario Odyssey but with Kirby as the main character. The levels have a similar feel, and instead of throwing a hat onto certain objects, Kirby can inhale them and become them.

Swallow a tank to get some heavy-duty firepower, or inhale a car and zoom around on some slick wheels.

There’s even a multiplayer mode where you and a friend can team up together to tackle the story, just like in Yoshi’s Woolly World!

12. Pikmin 4

pikmin 4

If you’ve never come across Pikmin before, then don’t worry – you can still jump straight in at Pikmin 4 and enjoy all of the collecting and exploring action that these games have to offer.

So what are Pikmin? Well, they’re little plant-like creatures that you can pluck out of the ground and send off to find things, overcome obstacles, and attack enemies.

The colour of a specific Pikmin means it has certain properties. Blue Pikmin are the only ones that can swim, and Red Pikmin don’t get burned.

You’ll have to discover what the other ones do for yourselves!

There’s a new addition to the team too in the form of Oatchi the Space Dog. It’s fun for all the family and the type of game that you could either play for hours or get excited about watching someone else play all day too!

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