New Trademarks Suggest Possible PokéParks Coming To Europe


If recent trademark filings are an indication of their plans, The Pokémon Company may have their eyes on future European Pokémon-themed amusement parks… PokéParks.

We recently reported on the new PokéPark KANTO project, which is a collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Yomiuri Land Co. for a new attraction just outside of Tokyo.

Unsurprisingly, The Pokémon Company has also started seeking out possible European locations to capitalize on the western pocket monster obsession.

Image Source: Twitter @SerebiiNet

New filings for “PokéPark Kalos” and “PokéPark Paldea” were spotted by independent PokéInvestigators like and

Of course, we know that Kalos and Paldea as iconic locations from the Pokémon franchise, and not real locations in Europe. So we cannot use the names as hints for where those parks may be located.

But early estimations do believe that these are directly related to the recent filing for PokéPark Kanto.

There is one other possibility that could be of equal value to longtime Pokémon fans…

New PokéPark Video Games?

We could be looking at the early planning for the next possible entries in the PokéPark video game franchise.

When news of the upcoming amusement park in Tokyo was announced, many expected this to be related to those niche Nintendo Wii video game titles.

And the last game to be released in the PokéPark series was over ten years ago.

So perhaps The Pokemon Company (and Nintendo) could be thinking of what comes next in that series?

That could be quite interesting, whether it is for the Nintendo Switch or its mysterious successor.

An Exciting Future For Pokémon Fans

PokéPark KANTO
Image Source: Universal Studios Osaka

Whether we are looking at the first steps towards more amusement parks or video games, both options are quite exciting for fans of Pokémon.

We know that a trademark filing does not always result in anything other than a title kept safe as an option in the future. And it is anybody’s guess what these new trademarks could produce.

Either way, we want to get your mind wandering and considering two possible futures. Surely both would result in something fun.

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